Lafourche Parish 4-H Achievement Day

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Achievement Day

Achievement Day is not far away. For those members or parents not familiar with Achievement Day, it is the culminating event of the 4-H year. The annual 4-H event is scheduled for Saturday, April 30, 2016, at South Lafourche High School.

The 2016 theme is "4-H Grows Here". The morning program for Achievement Day will begin at 9:30 a.m. Because demonstrations have been added to Achievement Day, more time will be allowed for testing, demonstrations, etc. Please remind all 4-H’ers to bring pencils to Achievement Day since there will be none available for taking tests.

After the morning program, members are allowed to participate in various contests such as demonstrations, insect identification, plant science, horticulture crop judging, good grooming (personal development), public speaking and various tests from project book completion.

The afternoon ceremony includes a fashion show and a variety show. At the conclusion of the variety show, our parish awards program begins. Awards to be presented are Top Junior Leaders and Award of Excellence. School awards will be presented and they include Activity Awards, School Display and Achievement Day Awards. Please try to attend and cheer on your school club. Don't forget to wear your 4-H shirt if you have one.

The following are descriptions of contests from Achievement Day.


All demonstrations have a maximum time limit of 15 minutes.
NOTE: All demonstrations can be individual or team demonstrations. A limited number of demonstrations will be allowed per club. Make sure your leader knows you want to participate. Times will be scheduled and you will be notified when your demonstration will be held. The following is a description of each demonstration contest:

Agriculture Demonstration
Can be on any agricultural practice or practice relating to agriculture which includes the following areas: livestock and crop production, conservation of natural resources, wildlife management, marine science, poultry science, agricultural engineering, forestry and horticulture. Examples: How to Groom an Animal, How to Clean a Crab, How to Pot a Plant, etc. (elementary and middle).

Can be demonstrations, illustrated lectures, or presentations on breads. Examples: How to Make Pretzels, How to Make a Sandwich, How to Make Muffins, etc. (elementary and middle).

Dairy Foods
Can be demonstrations, illustrated lectures or presentations and must be related to dairy foods or dairy products. Examples: How to Make a Milkshake, How to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, How to Make Pudding, etc. (elementary and middle).

Fashion Revue
All elementary, middle and senior high clothing contestants will model their garments, to be judged for appearance and construction, in the morning and may participate in the Fashion Revue in the afternoon.

FCS Demonstration
Must be a method (how to) demonstration, not an illustrated lecture on any home economics practices related to home economics. Areas include clothing, family life, family resource management, health and safety, and housing and house furnishings. (elementary and middle)

General Demonstration
For senior high members only. Can be demonstrations about Agriculture, Family and Consumer Sciences, Horticulture or Louisiana Agriculture Products.

Horticulture Demonstration
Must be on the production, sale or marketing of a horticultural product or use of fruit or vegetable grown in our area. Can be an artistic arrangement with fresh or dried plant materials or plants used in the landscape. (middle school).

Louisiana Ag. Products Demonstration
A demonstration on Louisiana agriculture products (should include rice, beef, sugar, seafood, etc.). No horticulture products. (elementary and middle).

Youth Safe Driving Contest
This contest is for teams of two or three members in the 6th -12th grades (everyone competes together). Contestants will present a 5-7 minute presentation using format or audio visuals of choice on the topic of safe driving. Safe Driving topics include, but are not limited to: distracted driving (texting); drinking; wreckless; sleepy; road rage. The emphasis will be on young drivers, influencing other young drivers. Cash awards will be given. Lafourche Parish Farm Bureau will sponsor this contest. (middle and senior high)

Contests without Records

Good Grooming/Personal Development
For Elementary Division, two 4-H’ers from each grade (4th and 5th) may enter from each school. Boys and girls compete together and should come dressed for an afternoon party (church dress) to be interviewed by judges. For Middle School Division (6th-8th grade), any club member may compete. 4-H’ers should be dressed appropriately. For Senior High Division (9th-12th grade), any member may participate. Boys and girls should come dressed for a job interview for which they are presently eligible. A resume for the job they are applying for is required. Check with your leader to sign up.

Horticulture Crop Judging
Any number of 4-H’ers per club can participate. The contest will consist of judging classes, information (true and false test on horticultural topics) and identification of fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants.

Insect Identification and Study
Any number of 4-H’ers per club can participate. A test will consist of identifying common name insects of economic importance to the parish. Resources: Golden Nature Book or

Plant Science
Any number per club may participate. Elementary club members will take a test in the contest on plant science that will consist of true and false, multiple choice and matching. Junior and senior members will take a test and identify seeds, weeds and crops.

Public Speaking
Four 4-H'ers from each club may participate. Speech needs to be 3 to 5 minutes on any subject. Contestant may refer to notes but cannot read the speech and must submit a copy of the speech to the judge on Achievement Day.

Leaf, Twig, Insect Collections, Bird Houses and Photography Contests

Elementary, Middle and Senior High School Wildlife Contests

Bird Study

a. Any member may participate.
b. Must build and exhibit a nesting box or bird house and submit before April 25, 2016, to your leader.
c. Scoring: exhibit - 100 pts.

Insect Collections

a. Any member may participate.
b. Submit a mounted collection of insects according to specifications on our website.
c. Must have at least 25 specimens (elementary and middle) or 35 specimens (Senior) in order to qualify.
d. Exhibit must be submitted before April 25, 2016, to your leader.
e. Scoring: 1 pt. per insect; 3 pts. per order represented; 25 pts. organization and appearance; 25 pts. condition of insects

Leaf Collections

a. Any member may participate.
b. Submit a fresh mounted collection of leaves of Louisiana trees according to the following specifications:

1. Each specimen shall be dried and individually mounted on conventional size material about 8 1/2" x 11" and displayed in a conventional loose-leaf notebook binder or similar ringed folder. The specimens may be mounted on pressure sensitive self-adhering transparent plastic sheets or other similar material. Gluing the specimen directly to heavy duty paper is also acceptable.
2. A label about 2 1/2" x 3" in size shall be glued to the lower right hand corner of each display sheet. The label shall contain the scientific and common name, general description of the tree (i.e., size, habitat, etc.), location collected, date collected and collector's name.
3. The front page of the notebook shall have typed or printed on it "Tree Leaves of Louisiana." The exhibitor's name, age, 4-H club, parish, and address shall also be typed or printed on this page.
c. Exhibit must be submitted before April 25, 2016, to your leader.
d. Must have at least 25 specimens (elementary and middle) or 35 specimens (senior) to qualify.
e. Scoring: 3 pts. per correctly identified specimen; -1pt. for each incorrect identification; 25 pts. - for organization and appearance.

Twig and Bud Collections

a. Any member may participate.
b. Submit a fresh mounted collection of twigs and buds according to forestry book specifications on poster.
c. Must have at least 25 specimens (elementary and middle) or 35 specimens (senior) in order to qualify.
d. Exhibit must be submitted before April 25, 2016, to your leader.
e. Scoring: 3 pts. per correctly identified specimen; -1 pt. for each incorrect identification; 25 pts. for organization and appearance

Photography Contest

1. Only one photograph in each category may be exhibited. All pictures must have been taken by photographer entering.
2. Entries -- Photographer’s name, grade and school must be marked on the back of the photograph, not on the front.
3. Judging -- Judges will base their decisions on the quality of the photograph, to include originality and technical skill.
4. Matting -- Photographs must be mounted on a mount board or matted. A 4” x 6” photograph matted must not exceed 5” x 7”. A 5” x 7” photograph matted must not exceed 8” x 10”. An 8” x 10” photograph matted must not exceed 11” x 14”. An 11” x 14” photograph cannot be matted, only backed; must not exceed 11” x 14”.
5. Placings – First, Second, and Honorable Mention will be given in each category.
6. Due to your leader before April 25, 2016.

Elementary, Middle and Senior Division – Black & White (4” x 6”, 5” x 7”, 8” x 10”, 11” x 14”)


1. Animals
2. Food
3. Human Interest
4. Portraits
5. Scenic
6. Still Life

Elementary, Middle and Senior Division – Color Only (4” x 6”, 5” x 7”, 8” x 10”, 11” x 14”)


1. Animals
2. Food
3. Human Interest
4. Portraits
5. Scenic
6. Still Life

Recycled Art Contest

Art is found all around us, in every possible place. Even in trash, you can see art. There are lots of ways to turn trash into treasure, and one of those ways is to use recycled trash for art projects. Not only does this make interesting art, but is also helps promote the overall idea of recycling instead of throwing things away. Recycled art can be made with materials found around the house, or items that are usually thrown away. Egg cartons, old t-shirts, and broken jewelry are just some of the things that can be turned into works of art with a little effort and imagination. So use your imagination to create a master piece of recycled art and bring it with you to the gym for Achievement Day at South Lafourche High School. The winner will be announced that day.

Project Book Tests

Some project contests are available to those who have completed the requirements for their project books. The following is a list of 4th-6th grade books (if completed this school year) that 4-H’ers can take test on:

Discovering the World of 4-H
Exploring the World of 4-H
Lift-Off Aerospace
Magic of Electricity
Measuring Up-Woodworking
Let's Get Growing (Gardening)
Follow the Path (Forestry)
Under Construction (Sewing)
Crank It Up (Sm. Engines)
Teaming with Insects
Focus on Photography
Sport fishing-Take the Bait
Hiking Trails
Scurrying Ahead Pet Care
Purr-fect Pals (Cat)
Wiggles & Wags (Dog)
Six Easy Bites
Growing with Others
Micro Magicians (Microwave)
First Aid in Action
Wheels in Motion
Play the Role
You and Citizenship

There are some project book tests available for 7th-12th graders also. These will be listed in the Achievement Day program.

Achievement Day Skits

We are conducting a club skit contest during the afternoon ceremony. The theme for Achievement Day will be 4-H Grows Here so we would like you to incorporate this theme into your skit. A pizza party will be given to the winning club at their May meeting. If your club would like to participate in the skit contest please call the 4-H office by April 15, 2016, so we can put you on the schedule.

Idol on the Bayou

This year we are asking that all talented 4-H’ers who would like the opportunity to perform at Achievement Day please send in a DVD/CD of their performance to your 4-H club leader. These will be viewed by the judges and the top acts will be selected to perform at Achievement Day. There is no limit on the amount of acts a club can submit, but the acts cannot exceed 10 minutes. These are due to the 4-H Office by April 8, 2016.

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