East Carroll Parish 4-H Youth Development Advisory Leadership Council

Lekeisha Lucas-Powell  |  7/2/2014 12:15:10 AM

The 4-H Youth Development program held its annual Advisory Leadership Council Meeting on Monday, March 27, 2017 at 12 p.m. at the LSU/SU AgCenter Office in Lake Providence.

15 were in attendance including the following LSU/SU AgCenter employees: 4-H Agent Lekeisha Lucas-Powell, County Agent & Parish Chair Donna Lee, Assistant Nutrition Educator Grace Siggers, Nutrition Educator Mary Reed Russell and Administrative Coordinator Sherry McGaha.

Mrs. Powell opened the meeting by thanking everyone for coming. She then invited everyone to get his or her lunch after grace was given.

Ms. Lee welcomed everyone and introduced AgCenter employees with a brief description of their job duties. She informed everyone of the purpose of today's meeting. The information the AgCenter provides to the public is research backed and is unbiased. What we are looking for today are ideas Mrs. Powell can focus on for the next year. We would like to know what factors you believe are most important for the kids in 4-H. We do not have money to give as rewards. Various businesses and individuals make donations, which helps youth attend different 4-H camps and activities.

At this point, discussion ensued as follows:

The Regional Leadership Board's focus was on foster care this past year. Mrs. Powell will be working with the youth in JAG to participate in a project for foster care children.

Perhaps the youth could do more work with community service. Teach the kids how to give back. The junior leaders created bags for law enforcement officials during law enforcement month last fall.

We want your feedback, whether it is positive or negative - we even want to hear criticism. We need this to improve our programs.

In the past, there have been groups of children to visit the nursing homes at Christmastime. The elderly really enjoy their visits. We should extend those visits past Christmas to include Valentine's Day and other holidays.

Maybe the older youth could participate in a candy striping or reading program.

Kids need to be introduced to local organizations they know exist but don't know what they do or what they even look like inside their building. For instance, most kids know about the post office, but most have never been inside. Maybe there could be a tour of Providence Foods, the hospital or other businesses in town.

Have a play day at the park for the younger kids.

Last year, E.C. 4-H focused on healthy living. We have two Healthy Living workshops scheduled for this week where professionals will talk to the kids and teach them about nutrition, physical activity, etc.

It is very important to read the 4-H newsletters and flyers and follow the instructions to meet deadlines. If a 4-H'er misses a deadline, they may not get to participate in an activity. However, if the activity is held within the parish, we will try to make it happen so that no 4-H'er is turned away.

The 9th-12th grade 4-H'ers visited the Ronald McDonald House last winter and the junior high 4-H'ers went to Louisiana Children's Baptist Home.

During testing, older kids could take the place of the teachers to help teach subjects in which they excel. There could be study time after school where kids help kids.

Suggestions submitted for consideration for this coming year's focus are single parent households; violence in schools; abuse (physical, verbal, drugs, alcohol); poverty; work ethics/skills; respect; fighting for simple things; tutoring; exercise/healthy living; gardening; and community service.

The top three topics are:

  1. Community Service
  2. Respect for self and others (including character education)
  3. Exercise and healthy living

Some teens went to a camp earlier this year to learn how to teach the younger kids about healthy living.

One final comment was that our office works well together. The students get a well-rounded effect from the workshops we provide.

Mrs. Powell thanked everyone for attending and adjourned the meeting.

Below is a list of the 4-H ALC members and their affiliation with the LSU/SU AgCenter.

Member Affiliation
Samantha Ball DARE Officer
Elisha Lucas Volunteer
Kristin Moore, Jr. 4-H Member
KarVan Powell, Jr. 4-H Member
Ta'Kayia Powell 4-H Member
Tracy Reynolds 4-H Parent
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