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You may be interested in our services if you are a:

  • home owner who is sodding a new lawn, planting trees, flowers, shrubs, or vegetable gardens
  • professional in the agriculture and horticulture industry
  • scientific researcher, extension cooperator, or using demonstration plots

The vitality of your lawn and garden depend on your soil, but soil properties are often overlooked. Why should you have your soil tested? If you like azaleas but your soil has a high pH (i.e., the soil is basic rather than acidic), you will not have azaleas with stunning spring foliage. If your soil does not have sufficient nutrients, you will not be able to grow a robust garden. Many people have soil samples tested only when plants are in trouble, but the time to test and amend your soil is before problems occur. Soil testing will provide you with the information you need to treat your soil so your plants will flourish.

We test soil, the nutritional status of your plants, and irrigation and pond water.

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How to get to the lab:

The School of Plant, Environmental, and Soil Sciences is located at the corner of Tower Drive and Highland Road on the LSU Campus. The Laboratory is on the first floor of Madison B. Sturgis Hall in Room 125. Map

Soil Testing & Plant Analysis Lab

The Soil Testing and Plant Analysis Laboratory offers a variety of soil, plant tissue and water tests to the general public and research community. With an integrated effort from both research and extension agronomists, the LSU AgCenter Soil Testing and Plant Laboratory is the only laboratory that incorporates latest Louisiana-specific soil fertility research in its recommendation system to help farmers to meet today's challenges in agricultural production.

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