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Click above to download the premier exhibitor forms and complete rules.

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The Premier Exhibitor contest for the State Livestock Show will take place at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, Louisiana.

General Rules

  1. The Premier Exhibitor Program is optional. To participate, an exhibitor must be available for each activity at the specified times. The Premier Exhibitor Program Guide and entry forms are available through your parish 4-H agent.
  2. The Premier Exhibitor Contest will be open to exhibitors in grades 9-12.
  3. Premier Exhibitor Programs are available for beef, dairy, poultry, sheep, swine and goat projects. An exhibitor may compete in one or more Premier Exhibitor Programs provided they exhibit a qualified animal at the LSU State Livestock and Poultry Show in Gonzales for each project resume submitted.
  4. All resumes (entry forms) must be in the State Livestock Show Office by January 18 of the participating year to be eligible to compete. A different resume (entry form) must be submitted for each project.
  5. Awards will be presented to the top 5 exhibitors in each project.
  6. All decisions are final and are not subject to protests.
  7. An exhibitor may be named Premier Exhibitor in a project only once.
  8. Written exam questions will be taken from project books and any other resources listed below.
  9. Premier Beef Exhibitor Resources:
    • 4-H - Unit 1 - Bite into Beef
    • 4-H - Unit 2 - Here’s the Beef
    • 4-H – Unit 3 –Leading the Charge
    • Pub. 2836 (LSU AgCenter)-Beef Production in Louisiana – A Handbook
  10. Premier Swine Exhibitor Resources:
    • All current 4-H Swine books
    • Swine Premier Exhibitor Study Guide found on LSU AgCenter website
    • Pork Quality Assurance (version 1.2) Manual*
    • Youth PQA Plus Manual*
    • Pork Industry Handbook*
    • Pork Fact Book*
    • Swine Care Handbook*
      * The above resources can be downloaded from the Internet for free from the following Web address
  11. Premier Poultry Exhibitor Resources:
    1. Small Poultry Flocks, LCES Pub. #2250
    2. Incubating Eggs of Domestic Birds, LCES Pub. #2285
    3. 4-H Poultry Project Books, LCES Pub. #’s 1412, 2232, 2522, 2390, 2672 and 2673
    4. American Standard of Perfection, American Poultry Association
  12. Premier Dairy Exhibitor Resources:
    1. Dig into Dairy (Dairy 1)
    2. Mooving Ahead (Dairy 2) 
    3. Leading the Way (Dairy 3)
    4. Pedigree Questions and Answers*
    5. Build Your Knowledge of Sire Summaries*
    6. World of Dairy Cattle Nutrition*
    7. Working with Dairy Cattle*
      *The above resources can be downloaded from the Internet for free from the following Web address Once you are at the site, click on workbooks.
  13. Premier Sheep Exhibitor Resources
    1. All current 4-H Sheep Project Books
    2. Sheep Premier Exhibitor Study Guide document (Livestock Show Office website)
    3. Sheep Premier Exhibitor Feed & Nutrition document (Livestock Show Office website)
  14. Premier Goat Exhibitor Resources
    1. All current Goat Project Books
  15. Mail resumes to Livestock Show Office, 188 Knapp Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803
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