School of Animal Sciences Faculty Members

Charles Boudreaux  |  1/31/2017 4:14:15 PM

The faculty listed below teach in the School of Animal Sciences. They can be contacted directly with questions about their courses:

Kenneth R. Bondioli, Professor
ANSC 4045 Reproductive Physiology of Farm Animals

ANSC 4050 Animal Biotechnology

ANSC 4900 Special Topics in Animal Science

ANSC 7051 Advanced Physiology of Reproduction

ANSC 7052 Biotechnology of Gamete and Embryo Physiology and Micromanipulation

Richard K. Cooper, Professor
ANSC 2072 Introductory Agriculture Genetics

ANSC 4900 Advanced Techniques in Molecular Biology and Cell Culture

Shannon Cruzen, Assistant Professor
ANSC 2133 Growth and Development of Livestock

ANSC 7900 Special Topics in Advanced Muscle Biology and Meat Science

ANSC 7033 Advanced Growth and Development of Livestock

Kenneth W. McMillin, Mr. and Mrs. Herman E. McFatter Professor of Animal Science
ANSC 3053 Meats

ANSC 4060 Contemporary Issues in the Animal Sciences

ANSC 4094 Meat Technology

Vinicius R. Moreira, Associate Professor
ANSC 2050 Animal Management Practices

ANSC 2051 Large Farm Animal Practicum Laboratory

ANSC 2052 Small Farm Animal Practicum Laboratory

ANSC 4009 Animal Nutrition

ANSC 4087 Best Practices for Sustainable Agriculture

ANSC 7091 Seminar

Timothy G. Page, Professor
ANSC 4084 Beef Cattle Production

Jennifer Ritchie, DVM, Instructor
ANSC 2060 Companion Animal Management

ANSC 3060 Small Animal Health Maintenance and Disease

ANSC 3070 Small Animal Anatomy and Physiology

Donald L. Thompson, Jr., Ralph and Lela Boulware Professor of Animal Sciences
ANSC 4088 Horse Production

ANSC 7001 Experimental Methods

Cathleen C. Williams, Professor
ANSC 1011 Introduction to Animal Science

ANSC 3010 Applied Animal Feed Formulation

ANSC 4043 Domestic Animal Endocrinology

ANSC 4054 Dairy Farm Management

ANSC 4092 Animal Science Proseminar

ANSC 7018 Ruminant Physiology and Metabolism

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