Since the beginnings of the land-grant system, publications have been one of the most important ways to get research-based educational material to the public. These publications have included one-page fact sheets, brochures, educational materials, documents and even books. Most of our publications are available online, hardcopy or both. Viewers can download documents from our Website or simply read them online. 

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Horticulture Hints fall 2017

Fall gardening tips for Louisiana homeowners

Pub. 2827rev. - Corn Hybrids for Grain 2018

This year, commercial corn seed companies provided 40 hybrids that were entered in the official variety trials. Five hybrid trials were conducted at four LSU AgCenter research stations located throughout the state. Commercial seed companies voluntarily entered and selected the hybrids they wanted to have evaluated by the AgCenter.

Pub. 3613 - Food Safety and You: Safe Food Handling for Disaster Relief Volunteers

Thank you for being a disaster relief volunteer! While you are working under tremendous stress, don’t forget about food safety. It is a crucial public health concern that is too often overlooked.

Pub. 3612 - Where are my markets?

This is a listing of primary wood using facilities in Louisiana in 2017.

Pub. 3607 - Grafting Tomatoes to Improve Plant Health

Tomatoes are an important crop to backyard gardeners and commercial producers. Ideal tomato plants have excellent foliage, robust production, marketable fruit characteristics and disease resistance. Thousands of tomato varieties are available for planting. Narrowing down which varieties to plant can be challenging. Even more challenging is finding a tomato variety that meets the needs of the local market and is resistant to disease. One way to meet that need is to graft your favorite variety onto a disease-resistant rootstock.

Louisiana Agriculture Magazine, Summer 2017

The summer 2017 issue includes a variety of topics: the forestry industry's recovery from the recession, success with intellectual property efforts, economic opportunities with growing tea and olives and extracting salts from sugarcane, teaching children about nutrition and gardening, and new developments in fighting crop diseases and weeds.

Pub. 3608 Utilizing Harvest Aids in Grain Sorghum

Applying a harvest aid to grain sorghum has become a very common practice in Louisiana. When properly applied, they permit faster and more efficient combining with no reduction in grain weight. Grain moisture content from across the field will be more uniform, which can result in fewer moisture discounts.

AC-4 2016 Highlights of Louisiana Agriculture

Agriculture is big business in Louisiana – contributing billions of dollars to the economy, employing thousands of people and providing many of the products we use every day. From sugarcane and sweet potatoes to crawfish and catfish, with cattle, rice, cotton, soybeans, corn and much more in between, Louisiana agriculture provides a diverse range of commodities.

Louisiana Agriculture Magazine

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