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2018 Louisiana Suggested Chemical Weed Management Guide

Herbicide rates are for broadcast application unless specified differently in the table heading for each crop. Conversion tables are provided to aid in converting large volumes, such as quarts and gallons, to ounces, tablespoons and teaspoons.

Sheltering in place with horses during a disaster

You can’t fully prepare for every disaster. But it’s your responsibility to care for all of your animals during these times. Create a plan before disaster strikes to reduce stress and prevent loss.

Economic Impact of Forestry and Forest Products on Acadia Parish, Louisiana

The forest products industry contributes to each parish’s economy in a number of ways, including jobs and wages, local purchases and contributions of local, state and federal taxes.

The Educated Horseman: Recovery of Pastures After Floods

Flood events are cause for concern for horse owners on many levels. Once you have addressed the health support your horse needs following a flood, the next concern you need to address is managing your pastures.

The Educated Horseman: Equine Pythiosis

Equine pythiosis, commonly referred to as swamp cancer, is becoming more prevalent in horses across the southern region. Pythiosis is a fungus-like infection that can affect the skin, bones, intestines, lungs and arteries of horses and other animals.

Grain Sorghum Hybrids for Grain 2018

Most producers will agree that grain yield is the most important characteristic on which to base hybrid selection. The second characteristic to consider is maturity group, which includes: early, medium/early, medium, medium/full and full. The selection of hybrid maturity is usually based on available water for the season, whether it be rainfall or irrigation.

Horticulture Hints fall 2017

Fall gardening tips for Louisiana homeowners

Pub. 2827rev. - Corn Hybrids for Grain 2018

This year, commercial corn seed companies provided 40 hybrids that were entered in the official variety trials. Five hybrid trials were conducted at four LSU AgCenter research stations located throughout the state. Commercial seed companies voluntarily entered and selected the hybrids they wanted to have evaluated by the AgCenter.

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