Financial Adviser Speaks About Storm Recovery

Jeanette A. Tucker  |  4/1/2006 3:39:40 AM

(Photos Posted 03/31/06) Nationally acclaimed financial adviser Ric Edelman spoke about hurricane recovery March 29 at an LSU AgCenter meeting focused on rebuilding communities and families. Though much of his talk addressed strategies for business owners and executives, Edelman included advice for homeowners: Your available cash reserves should cover 12 months of spending. That is, add up what you spend, not earn, each month for a year and make that your cushion. Count your credit card payments, checks, cash purchases and so forth for the total. Prior to 911 and this summer’s devastating hurricanes, Edelman said he had advised just three to six months of spending savings. In addition, he advised to buy more life insurance and long-term care insurance. A $300,000 death benefit, in his example, converts to about only $15,000 per year – or $1,250 per month – in income for the survivor. His formula for figuring the conversion is to divide the death benefit in half, drop the last zero and divide by 12. Edelman is an author, columnist, educator, speaker and radio and TV personality.
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