Comprehensive New Employee Orientation

Sharon Salzer  |  9/5/2007 8:13:22 PM

Orientation for new employees is critical in terms of providing them with the proper foundation to function as productive members of the AgCenter team. The current Monthly Orientation Program is designed to address the most immediate needs of new employees. While Monthly Orientation is important and is not being changed or eliminated, it does not provide enough time to discuss complex issues such as management of grant funds, promotion and tenure, the Civil Service system and numerous other comparable topics. The comprehensive orientation program will provide the necessary time to cover topics these topics and many others.

Who? This program is designed for all new academic, unclassified, and classified employees.

What? The program covers a wide range of topics and includes numerous concurrent sessions to address the needs of individual employee groups. The overall program is 2 days, but attendance by associates and classified employees after the first day is optional. Unit heads should determine on an individual basis whether the content on day 2 will benefit those employees and advise them accordingly.

When? This program will be held twice annually, once in the spring and once in the fall. Employees will receive the most benefit from the program if they’ve been with the AgCenter at least a couple of months when they attend. However, the information presented will be important to them in accomplishing their jobs so they will not want to wait too long to attend. Employees hired between September and February generally should attend the spring program. Employees hired between March and August generally should attend the Fall program. If an employee cannot attend his/her scheduled orientation session, they should request permission in writing from their unit head to attend the following session. If the delay is recommended by their unit head, the request should be forwarded to the HRM Office. HRM will review and forward the request to the appropriate vice chancellor for final action.

Why? The information in this program is critical in providing employees with the proper foundation for accomplishing their job duties. Various components of the program will help them strengthen their job skills, understand critical legal and administrative issues, and perform at a productive level.

Other Information?

  • Although the program is designed for recent hires, unit heads are encouraged to send anyone hired in the last three years.
  • All employees, regardless of how long they’ve been with the AgCenter, are welcome to attend any individual session they feel will benefit them.
  • The promotion and tenure session on Day 2 will serve as P&T training for all employees. A separate notice to that effect will be distributed to faculty shortly.
  • The diversity training following the orientation program is optional; however, it is being offered as a convenience since all employees are encouraged to attend on of the diversity training sessions. Additional sessions are planned for the summer and fall and more details will be distributed soon.


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