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The LSU AgCenter Outstanding Service Award for Research and Extension Associates is established to recognize the important role associates play in furthering the mission of the LSU Agricultural Center . Without the assistance of associates in a wide range of positions, the AgCenter’s research and educational programs would not be possible. This award, presented annually, recognizes those associates who consistently demonstrate the highest levels of performance in their technical knowledge, quality of work, teamwork, efficiency and effectiveness, initiative, creativity, professionalism, loyalty and commitment, self-development and overall contributions to their assigned program (areas), their unit, and the mission of the AgCenter.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Current AgCenter employees in the rank of extension or research associate are eligible. An employee may receive this award only once.
  2. A nominator may be any current AgCenter employee. An employee may nominate his/her subordinate, supervisor, co-worker, teammate or other individual he/she feels should be considered for this award.
  3. The nomination form must be signed by the nominator and one witness (also an AgCenter employee). The nominee’s unit head also must sign the nomination form. Nominations may be submitted without the unit head’s signature and the HRM Office or the reviewing committee will obtain it.
  4. The nomination must be typewritten and only one person may be nominated per form.

Nomination Criteria

  1. The nomination should be brief, to the point, and limited to a total of 1-2 typewritten pages (additional pages will be discarded). Specific illustrations of how the nominee fulfills requirements of the indicated categories will be most helpful to the reviewers in evaluating the application.
  2. Do not submit letters of recommendation and supplemental material as they will not be considered.
  3. As with any organization with diverse positions, different positions provide different opportunities to excel. For example, a position with a high level of clientele contact may provide regular opportunities for service. A position involving coordination of numerous activities may provide regular opportunities for leadership. To counterbalance this aspect, the reviewers will be asked to evaluate the individual’s performance against the potential of his/her position.
  4. So that the reviewers have an accurate understanding of the employee’s job responsibilities, the nomination form includes a section for use in describing the overall job function.
  5. The most important consideration for the award is the individual’s job performance, not their job duties. Therefore, rather than outline the nominee’s duties, the nomination should focus on describing how the nominee has demonstrated superior work performance .

Recognition and Award

A cash award will be presented to the award recipient. The recipient will be recognized at Annual Conference.

Outstanding Service Award for LSU AgCenter Associates Nomination 


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