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Kristen Manes  |  11/16/2016 5:21:17 PM

Voluntary (or Supplemental) Benefits

While enrollment (or decline) of these benefits will be initiated in Workday, here is information on all of our supplemental benefit plans. This IS a lot of information we are available to assist with any questions or provide more information. Schedule the Benefits Info Session with LSU AgCenter HRM before making elections (main office: 225.578.2258)
Coverage will begin on the first of the month - AFTER you have worked one, full calendar month.

  1. Annual Leave Accrual Rate Election Form - This is the form formerly required to select an Annual Leave earning accrual rate. The election will take place in Workday, for Academic and Unclassified employees that are earning leave ONLY. The information on the form is meant to help with the decision. DO NOT SUBMIT THE FORM.
  2. Dental Plans
    Two offerings, the Enhanced Plan (covers more and costs more) and the Basic Plan (covers basic check-ups and offers a discount on any other dental services).
  3. Vision Plan
  4. Voluntary Life Insurance (LSU System Supplemental Life - UnitedHealthcare)
    • As a new hire that signs up within the first 30 days, you are Guaranteed Issue up to $500,000 or 5 times your Basic Annual Earnings (whichever is lower) in increments of $10,000. Once enrolled, an application can be made for up to $1,000,000.
    • Your spouse has a Guarantee Issue limit of $100,000, but may only be covered up to 50% of your benefit amount. An application may be made for more coverage, up to $250,000.
    • Children ages 2 weeks to 6 months are covered for $1,000 if selected. Children ages 6 months up to 26 years may be covered at $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000. Premium amount is for all included children.
    • An Accidental Death and Dismemberment rider may be elected for employee and/or spouse and/or children. It will be equal to the life election amount. This AD&D rider is separate from the optional stand-alone coverage described below in #10. You may elect neither, one or both of these benefits.
    • Other plan info, including rates (second page)
  5. Voluntary Life Insurance (State Group Life - OGB)
    • This link (Enrollment Kit) describes the plan in far more detail, but these are the highlights:
    • Basic Life - $5,000 of coverage for $2.70/month
      • Coverage is offered for spouse and child at two levels:
        • Option 1: Spouse $1,000 / children $500 ($0.90/month)
        • Option 2: Spouse $2,000 / children $1,000 ($1.80/month)
    • Supplemental life = 1.5 x your annual salary, with a maximum coverage of $50,000. (That amount would be $27.00/month.)
      • Coverage is offered for spouse and child at two levels:
        • Option 1: Spouse $2,000 / Children $1,000 ($1.80/month)
        • Option 2: Spouse $4,000 / Children $2,000 ($3.60/month)
  6. Critical Illness Coverage
  7. Accident Protection
  8. Long Term Disability
  9. Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) – This plan is a stand-alone election. It is not the same as the AD&D rider on the Supplemental life mentioned above. You may elect this policy along with that policy or just one or neither. It is an individual decision.
  10. Tax Saver Spending Accounts
    The option to tax-shelter money for the purpose of medical expenses or daycare expenses is available for a small fee each month ($5.10) for one or both accounts.
    • Health Spending Account - The amount elected for the entire plan year will be available in full on the first day that your benefit starts. (You can be reimbursed for qualified medical expenses up to your annual election, even if the money has not yet been deducted from your check.)
    • Dependent (Daycare) Spending Account – You may receive reimbursements only after the service has been rendered and the bill paid, up to what has been deducted from your check at the time of the requested reimbursement. (You have to have the money deducted before you can receive a tax-free reimbursement.)
  11. UNUM Long- Term Care Insurance
    A benefit offering available should you lose 3 daily living activities (example: dressing yourself, feeding yourself, going to the bathroom by yourself…). Rates are locked in at the age in which you enroll. If you choose to enroll during the first 30 days of hire, coverage is Guaranteed Issue. After the first 30 days of employment, you must apply and wait for approval to be granted coverage.
    Informational Sheets are grey. Forms are blue:
  12. Optional Insurance (Benefits) Election Form While not required, this form may help to determine what you've elected and the choices still ahead of you.
  13. We also offer Tax-Sheltered Investment Options. 403(b), 403 (b) Roth, 457(b) and 457(b) Roth. Information, instructions and forms for enrollment are located on the Supplemental Retirement Accounts webpage. This is optional and can be done at any time during employment.
  14. STARTStudent Tuition Assistance and Revenue Trust Program
    This is a Louisiana 529 account. Participation is optional and not offered through your employment – we offer the convenience of a payroll deduction, should you wish to participate.

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