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Employees receive several types of leave, which are defined below. Eligibility for leave accrual and use is determined by the type of appointment in which the individual is employed.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Academic and Nonclassified Employees
    • Regular appointments of more than 180 days and more than 50% effort - eligible for all types of leave.
    • Temporary appointments of fewer than 181 days or appointments for 50% effort or less - not eligible for annual and sick leave, but eligible for civil, funeral and military leave.
  • Classified Employees
    • Regular appointments - eligible for all types of leave.
    • Restricted appointments - not eligible for any type of leave.

Types of Leave

  • Annual Leave
    • Leave with pay granted employees for vacation and transaction of personal affairs.
    • May be used at any time after it is earned contingent upon supervisory approval.
    • Credited at the end of the pay period and cannot be advanced to employees.
    • Upon resignation, employees are paid for up to 300 hours of accumulated, unused annual leave.
  • Sick Leave
    • Leave with pay granted employees who are suffering with disabilities as a result of accident, illness or child bearing which prevent them from performing their usual duties and responsibilities or who require medical, dental or optical consultation or treatment.
    • May be used at any time after it is earned.
    • Absences must immediately be reported to supervisory personnel.
    • Credited at the end of the pay period and cannot be advanced to employees.
    • Leave Certification System - for use by Faculty & other Academic employees in accounting for and taking sick leave.
  • Civil Leave
    • Leave with pay while performing jury duty or when subpoenaed to appear as a witness before a court or public body.
    • Leave with pay for voting purposes, limited to two hours of leave to vote in the parish where employed and not more than one day to vote in a parish outside the one where employed.
  • Funeral Leave
    • Leave with pay for a maximum of two days granted an eligible employee to attend the funeral or burial rites of a parent, stepparent, child, stepchild, brother, stepbrother, sister, stepsister, spouse, mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandparent or grandchild.
  • Military Leave
    • Leave with pay up to fifteen days granted to employees who are members of a reserve component of the Armed Forces of the U.S. or of the National Guard when ordered to active training duty.
  • Leave Without Pay (LWOP)
  • Family Medical Leave
    • Click here for an overview of the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) and the forms required for requesting this leave.
  • Educational Privileges - LSU Coursework and Tuition Exemption Program
    • Eligible employees may register for job-related courses for up to six college credit hours per regular semester and receive tuition and fee exemptions.
    • Click here for PS 25 for eligibility requirements and a broader explanation of this topic.
  • Educational Leave
    • Members of the instructional, research, and extension staff on full-time regular academic appointment at the rank of Instructor (or equivalent) or above and full-time unclassified administrative and professional employees, who have completed three (3) consecutive years of service, may petition for a leave of absence with part pay for not more than one (1) year of study which will culminate in the receipt of an advanced degree within five (5) years. 
    • Please refer to PM-12 for details.
    • Click here for the Educational/Sabbatical Leave Request form.
  • Sabbatical Leave
    • Full-time academic employees at the rank of Instructor (or equivalent) or above, who have completed six (6) continuous years of service on the campus without haveing received leave with pay, may petition for sabbatical leave for study and research, the object of which is to enable them to increase their professional efficiency and usefulness to the University. 
    • Please refer to PM-12 for details.
    • Click here for the Sabbatical/Educational Leave Request form.

Accrual Rate Methods

The amount of annual and sick leave accrued by an eligible employee is determined by type of appointment and years of service.  Click here to view the accrual rate charts.

Policies Which Govern Leave Accrual & Use

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