Road Signs Matching Game

Katina M. Hester  |  4/9/2009 12:43:34 AM

Road Sign

Find all the matches in the game above to win! Want some extra fun? Answer the questions below to see how you score in "Bicycle Rules of the Road."

Always        Sometimes        Never
(5 pts.)            (3 pts.)            (0 pts.)

___ 1. I don't ride on sidewalks.

___ 2. I keep my bike in good working order.

___ 3. I ride with the traffic, not against it.

___ 4. I wear a safety helmet.

___ 5. I ride in a single file.

___ 6. I give the right-of-way to pedestrians and motor vehicles.

___ 7. I am very careful at intersections. I look both ways before crossing.

___ 8. I walk my bicycle across busy intersections.

___ 9. My bike has reflectors for nightime riding.

___ 10. I wear light-colored clothing when I ride at night.

___ 11. I do not ride between parked cards.

___ 12. I know and use hand signals.

___ 13. I keep both hands on the handlebars, except when giving hand signals.

___ 14. I don't carry passengers on my bike.

___ 15.  I never hitch a ride on another vehicle.

___ 16. I look for hazards in the road like drain grates, soft shoulders, loose gravel and water.

___ 17. I ride my bike defensively.

___ 18. I am a safe rider.

___ 19. I know and obey road signs.

___ 20. I ride a bike that fits my size.

Add all your points to see how you did.

100 points: Great! You are a safe bike rider. Keep up the good work and teach others about bicycle safety.

80-90 points: Good, but you still have a few things to learn. Try to be a little more careful.

Less than 80 points: Park your bike until you learn how to be a safe rider. We don't want you to have an accident, and you might if you're not more careful.
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