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Wheat planting nearly complete
Wheat Planting

(Video News) While harvest has wrapped up on many crops, Louisiana farmers are busy planting wheat. LSU AgCenter correspondent Tobie Blanchard looks at the planting season. (Runtime: 1:23)

Thanksgiving meal costs up 9 percent
(Audio News 11/19/13) The cost of the average Thanksgiving meal is up 9 percent this year according to a survey by the LSU AgCenter. Jeanette Tucker, an AgCenter family economist, says the 2013 Thanksgiving market basket will average $48.50 for 10 people. (Runtime: 1:20)

Farmers harvesting better sugarcane crop than expected
Sugarcane Harvest

(Video News 11/18/13) After a year of growth, Louisiana’s sugarcane crop is ready for harvest. What seemed to be an average crop is turning out better than expected. LSU AgCenter correspondent Tobie Blanchard has this report. (Runtime: 2:00)

Wheat planting nearing completion
(Audio News 11/14/13) Farmers have planted most of Louisiana’s wheat crop. LSU AgCenter wheat specialist Josh Lofton says with ideal weather recently, they’ve been able to plant quickly. (Runtime: 1:20)

Sugarcane harvest is better than expected
(Audio News 11/12/13) Earlier in the year, sugarcane farmers were worried about their crop. A cool spring and early summer slowed growth of the cane, and farmers were anticipating a less-than-average crop. LSU AgCenter sugarcane specialist Kenneth Gravois says a warm end to summer helped the cane catch up. (Runtime: 2:00)
Researchers adding healthy ingredients to yogurt
(Audio News 11/08/13) The popular dairy store on LSU’s campus scoops out ice cream in flavors such as Tiger Bite and Rum Raisin, but on the other side of the Dairy Science building, LSU AgCenter researchers are working on ways to make dairy products healthier. Kayanush Aryana is adding healthy ingredients to yogurt such as immune boosters and fiber. (Runtime 1:40)
Story Time series promotes early childhood literacy
(Audio News 11/06/13) On a Saturday morning in October, youngsters gathered at the LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens at Burden to hear the story of Spookly the Square Pumpkin. The event is part of LSU AgCenter’s story time at Burden series. Becky White, an AgCenter professor, is on a mission to get parents and caregivers reading more to young children. (Runtime: 1:50)
Dairy research aims to improve health profile of yogurt
Yogurt Research
(Video News 11/05/13) Yogurt can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet. An LSU AgCenter researcher Kayanush Aryana is looking at ways to make yogurt even healthier. LSU AgCenter correspondent Tobie Blanchard visited Dairy Science to learn more about Aryana’s work. (Runtime: 1:48)
Quality good, yield average on sweet potato crop
(Audio 11/01/13) Sweet potato producers are harvesting their crop. The yield so far is average, and the quality is good. LSU AgCenter sweet potato specialist, Mavis Finger says a cool, wet spring delayed planting statewide, leading to smaller potatoes. (Runtime: 1:20)