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Gardeners can still plant roses in May
(Audio 04/29/13) It is not too late to add roses to your landscape. Plant roses into well-prepared beds enriched with organic matter. Remember, roses enjoy full sun. (Runtime: 60 seconds)

Caladiums thrive in shade
(Audio 04/29/13) Caladiums allow gardeners to work in the shade during summer. These plants grow from tubers and can be planted in May and June. (Runtime: 60 seconds)

Plant heat-tolerant vegetables in May
(Audio 04/29/13) Gardeners can begin planting more heat-tolerant vegetables in May. The temperatures will be hot as the vegetables develop. Listen to learn what vegetables can be planted this month. (Runtime: 60 seconds)

Green bell peppers will ripen to other colors
(Audio 04/29/13) Bell peppers are popular in home gardens. You may see bell peppers in red, yellow and orange. These are simply green bell peppers that have stayed on the plant long enough to fully ripen. (Runtime: 60 seconds)

Yellow leaves are not a concern on evergreen plants
(Audio 04/29/13) Louisiana gardeners use a wide variety of evergreen shrubs and trees in their landscapes. Even though evergreen plants never drop all their leaves at once, it is important to know that leaves do get old, will turn yellow and drop off the plant. Generally this is nothing to worry about. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Verbenas are beautiful in multiple colors
(Video 04/29/13) A strikingly beautiful summer plant is the verbena. It’s been around for a while, and as LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill explains on this edition of Get It Growing, breeders have developed many colorful variations of this outstanding plant. (Runtime: 1:40)
Bandana lantanas are tough, compact Super Plants
Bandana Lantana
(Video 04/22/13) The LSU AgCenter’s Louisiana Super Plants program highlights tough and beautiful plants that work well in Louisiana landscapes. The Bandana lantana, also called Bandana Rose, is a beautiful, low-maintenance lantana with an improvement over its relatives. On this edition of Get It Growing, LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill explains how the Bandana’s compact size – only 20 inches tall and 2 feet wide – make it even more manageable than other lantanas. (Runtime: 1:33)
Gardeners can plant warm-season herbs in April
(Audio 04/22/13) When planting herbs in April, gardeners should focus on heat-tolerant herbs. Basil is one to consider planting. Harvest herbs you planted in fall because they will start to languish as the weather warms. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Mulch has many benefits
(Audio 04/22/13) Mulching offers many benefits to flower beds and vegetable gardens. A good layer of mulch suppresses weeds, helps retain soil moisture and regulates soil temperature. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Container plants need more water, fertilizer
(Audio 04/22/13) Plants growing in containers have special needs. They have to be in potting soil. They also need frequent watering and fertilizing. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Bring plants outdoors for summer
(Audio 04/22/13) Many of the plants we grow in containers are tropicals. If you brought plants inside for the winter, now is the time to move them back outdoors. Make the transition slowly to help the plants adjust to greater light conditions. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Control aphids on crape myrtles
(Audio 04/22/13) Crape myrtles are popular in Louisiana landscapes. They bloom beautifully throughout the summer. The leading insect pest of crape myrtles is the crape myrtle aphid. They are sucking insects that create honeydew on the trees, creating a sooty mold. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Super Plants offer warm-season color
(Audio 04/15/13) Summer bedding plants are ready to go into the garden. Nurseries are full of great selections. Consider planting spring Super Plants to brighten your landscapes. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Frequent mowing keeps lawns healthy
(Audio 04/15/13) Lawn care kicks into high gear as the weather warms. If you didn't have your blades sharpened before putting the mower away for the winter, consider having them sharpened now. This will keep the turf healthy. (Runtime: 60 seconds)