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Dry weather helps wheat planting
Wheat Planting

(Video News 11/30/12) A dry fall has helped wheat growers get their crop in quickly. And this year growers have planted more wheat than in recent years. LSU AgCenter correspondent Tobie Blanchard has the story. (Runtime: 1:05)

Watch out for extra holiday calories
(Distributed 11/30/12) Are you one of the many Americans who face the holiday season with some fear of gaining weight? The good news is that although many people gain weight from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day, research suggests that the gain will probably be only one pound, not five, says LSU AgCenter nutritionist Beth Reames.

Wheat acreage up across the state
(Audio News 11/30/12) Farmers have planted most of Louisiana’s wheat crop. Planting started at the beginning of November, and with good weather, it went quickly. (Runtime: 60 seconds)

LSU AgCenter announces 2014 Get It Growing calendar photography contest
(Distributed 11/30/12) The LSU AgCenter announces its call for entries for the 2014 Get It Growing Lawn and Garden Calendar. Louisiana photographers will have an opportunity to submit their best photos of beautiful Louisiana flowers, plants, lawns and gardens.

Nuttall oak – one of the best oaks for Louisiana
nuttall oak
(Distributed 11/30/12) This is a great time to add new trees to our landscapes. Oak trees are very popular in Louisiana landscapes, and we are familiar with the popular Southern live oak. Deciduous oaks – those that lose foliage in winter – common in Louisiana are water oak, shumard oak, southern red oak and willow oak. The one, however, with the best potential for landscape use is the nuttall oak.
Cool season is good time for planting
(Audio 11/26/12) The soil in Louisiana typically stays warm during winter, so you can plant a number of plants this time of year. Tropical plants are the exception; they should be planted during warm weather. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Watch for winter pests
(Audio 11/26/12) While gardeners don't see as many insects on plants during winter, they are still out there. Vegetables and cool-season plants can attract pests. Keep an eye out for aphids, caterpillars, snails and slugs.
Seafood marketing program expanding
(Distributed 11/26/12) ABBEVILLE, La. – A seafood promotion and marketing project aimed at developing direct sales from fishermen to customers is being expanded along the Louisiana Gulf Coast.
Put away the fertilizer for fall
(Audio 11/26/12) Fall is not the best time to fertilize plants in the landscape. Most plants are going dormant for the winter. Fertilizing them now could hurt them. A few exceptions are cool-season bedding plants, vegetables and Louisiana iris. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Keep gardens neat during winter
(Audio 11/26/12) Make sure your landscape stays attractive during winter. Clean off dead growth from summer plants, mulch beds and add cool-season color. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Fall is tree planting time
(Audio 11/26/12) Fall is the best time to plant hardy trees and shrubs in the landscape. Planted now, trees have time to settle in before the heat of summer. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Louisiana 4-H’ers compete at 2012 National 4 H Poultry and Egg Conference
(Distributed 11/26/12) BATON ROUGE, La. – Two of the 10 Louisiana participants in the national 4 H Poultry and Egg Conference recently (Nov. 14 15) won first and second place in cooking competition.
LSU AgCenter Dairy Store provides popular items for holidays
(Distributed 11/21/12) BATON ROUGE, La. – The holidays mean an increase in mail orders for boxed cheese at the LSU AgCenter Dairy Store. The boxes contain two pounds of cheese that sell for $11.50 a box, plus tax and shipping charges.
Japanese maples make great signature trees
threadleaf Japanese maple leaves
(Distributed 11/21/12) Japanese maples have the potential to be one of the most outstanding small trees for specimen plantings and focal-point use in residential landscapes in the Southeast.