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La. Super Plant Serena angelonia is drought tolerant
Serena Angelonia

(Video 4/25/11) Looking for plants that grow best in Louisiana landscapes? Then you probably want to select a Louisiana Super Plant – plants proven to grow best in Louisiana landscapes. On this edition of Get It Growing, LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill introduces you to the beautiful Serena angelonia – a Louisiana Super Plant that can take the heat of summer. (Runtime: 1:41)

Give indoor plants an outdoor summer vacation
(Audio 04/25/11) Indoor plants can help freshen the air and make a room more welcoming. Plants are happier outside, however, so it's a good idea to let them spend some time outdoors during the summer. (Runtime: 60 seconds)

Proper care will keep spring-flowering bulbs in shape
(Audio 04/25/11) Spring-flowering bulbs can dress up a landscape. Plants such as Louisiana iris or daffodils can bloom year after year. To keep them in good shape, cut off developing seed pods after the plants finish flowering. (Runtime: 60 seconds)

Fungicides can control powdery mildew
(Audio 04/25/11) As plants begin to rapidly grow during the summer, a fungal disease called powdery mildew tends to show up. Powdery mildew prefers dry weather, but it can be controlled by a fungicide. (Runtime: 60 seconds)

Evaluate cool-season bedding plants
(Audio 04/25/11) April is the peak month for wonderful cool-season bedding plants. If these plants were planted back in the fall, they should be hitting their stride now. This time of the year is not a good time to plant cool-season plants, but you can make evaluations about what worked in your garden. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Container plants need regular fertilization
(Audio 04/25/11) Louisiana gardeners use a variety of container plants in outdoor areas. The warm weather will encourage these plants to grow, increasing their need for fertilizer. Fertilize them regularly to keep them healthy and attractive. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Summer plants are ready for flower beds
(Audio 04/18/11) The weather is fairly warm in mid- to late April in Louisiana, so gardeners can plant tender summer bedding plants. These plants will not tolerate freezes but will perform well during Louisiana's hot summer. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Cool-season herbs will fade soon
(Audio 04/18/11) A wide variety of herbs that we grow are sensitive to heat. These herbs are growing well now but will fade as summer sets in. Use these herbs generously over the next few weeks or preserve them for use later this year. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Supporting tomato plants reduces fruit rot
(Audio 04/18/11) Tomato vines tend to sprawl on the ground if they aren't supported. In Louisiana, this would likely lead to fruit rot, so gardeners need to provide some sort of support for their plants. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Tomato transplants are best planted early
(Audio 04/18/11) Louisiana gardeners should try to get their tomato transplants now. Waiting could reduce the quality of your crop. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Choose warm-season bedding plants for summer color
(Audio 04/18/11) Louisiana gardeners can find many colorful bedding plants at nurseries and garden centers. Even though stores may still be carrying cool-season bedding plants, it's best to plant warm-season bedding plants now. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Spring pest problems arise
(Audio 04/11/11) As the weather warms, Louisiana gardeners have to deal with more pests, including weeds, insects and diseases. It's important to get a proper diagnosis of a problem so you can treat it correctly. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Solid sod new lawn for best results
(Audio 04/11/11) Permanent lawn grasses such as centipede and St. Augustine are best planted from April through August. Solid sodding is expensive, but it creates an instant lawn and reduces weed problems. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Plant caladium tubers for color in shady areas
(Audio 04/11/11) Caladiums allow gardeners to create beautiful beds in the shade. The colorful foliage can make a nice show in shady areas. You can buy tubers now. (Runtime: 60 seconds)