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Get It Growing: Right Plant + Right Place = Gardening Success
(For Release On Or After 10/27/06) Gardeners are often advised that the key to gardening success is planting the right plant in the right place. Although this sounds relatively simple, a lot goes into the decision of what plants should be used and where they should be planted in the landscape.

Get It Growing: Radishes Are Easy To Grow
(For Release On Or After 10/20/06) When I was a child my family lived in Germany for a time. I remember attending the annual Oktoberfest in Munich, where thinly-sliced white radishes were served with salt as a nibbler to accompany the famed draft beer. Although I couldn’t appreciate the beer at that age, I loved the radishes. I also think of radishes in October for another reason, because this is a great time to plant them in your garden, and there are no vegetables easier to grow.

Get It Growing: Adding Soil? Make Sure You Get What Your Garden Needs
(For Release On Or After 10/13/06) I’m not a big fan of bringing in new soil and replacing the original soil in a garden bed. There are times, however, when it is necessary to purchase additional soil for the garden – especially when creating new raised beds or raising the grade of existing ones.

Get It Growing: To Dig Or Not To Dig; That’s The Question With Caladiums This Time Of Year
(For Release On Or After 10/06/06) Caladiums are among the most reliable summer bedding plants for providing color in shady areas. They stay attractive despite the intense heat of summer and are rarely bothered by insects or disease. By the end of September or beginning of October, however, they reach the end of their growing season and begin to decline in appearance.