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Hammond Research Station
Hammond Research Station Video
(Video) Century-old pine trees tower over acres of lush landscaping at the Hammond Research Station. Established in 1922 as the Fruit and Truck Experiment Station, the facility has traditionally served the strawberry and vegetable industries. Today, the research focus is landscape horticulture, including plant selection, fertility, weed control and plant growth regulators. Scientists evaluate more than 500 ornamental plants per year in the largest research garden display in Louisiana.
Find Out About Super Plants
Information about Super Plants selected for each season, beginning Fall 2010.
Delphinium flower stalk
'Diamonds Blue' delphinium - cool-season bedding plant
Description and photos of 'Diamonds Blue' delphinium
Street planting of mature willow oak
Willow oak - Deciduous shade tree
Description and photos of Willow Oak
caladium sun damage
What to expect when you plant caladiums in full sun
Caladiums are known for their beautiful leaf color in partial shade. Some varieties perform well in sun, and more new varieties are being developed for full-sun landscapes. When planted in full sun, the appearance of caladium plants can be very different from that in partial shade. In addition, watering and fertilization requirements may also change.
Caladium variety recommendations for sun and shade in Louisiana
Caladiums are wonderful foliage plants that add color to Southern landscapes from May to October. Variety trials in full sun and partial shade were conducted at the Hammond Research Station in 2011 and 2012. Recommendations are made for selecting cultivars that can do well in either sun or partial shade.
Best caladiums for full sun and shade selected from 2012 Hammond Research Station trials
Fifty-five caladiums were planted in full sun and partial shade landscape beds on April 20, 2012. Their landscape performance were evaluated from May to October. Plants were rated for emergence uniformity, visual quality, and sun damage. Presented in this photo gallery are the top performers in both sun and shade.
Drift rose Pink
Drift Rose - Summer-flowering Shrub
Description and photos of Drift roses.
Welcome to Super Plants
Learn more about Louisiana Super Plants, including where to purchase. Louisiana Super Plants is a program that highlights tough and beautiful plants that perform well in Louisiana landscapes.
Strawberry production slows with winter rains
(Video News 02/07/13) Before the azaleas bloom or the crawfish start boiling, you can get your first taste of spring with Louisiana strawberries. Growers started picking berries a few months ago, and LSU AgCenter correspondent Tobie Blanchard reports that a mild winter could improve the crop. (1:36)
Rain slows strawberry production
(Audio News 02/05/13) Under ominous skies, workers pulled row covers over Kevin Liuzza’s strawberry fields. Rain is typical in January, but his fields were battered by 18 inches in the early part of the month leading to a lot of lost berries. Row covers are used to protect the crop from cold weather but can also shield against showers. (Runtime: 1:30)
Hammond Station Profile June 2012
Hammond Research Station Profile
This report provides information on future plans, program significance, industry facts and research highlights for the Hammond Research Station.
plant trials at HRS
Station Walking Tour
Descriptions on what you can see on a self-guided or guide lead tour of the Hammond Research Station.
vinca bed
Vinca - Recommendations for Landscape Success
Vinca (Catharanthus roseus) is a very popular warm season annual bedding plant. Recommended cultural practices include a full sun planting location, acid soil, a well-drained bed, limited irrigation and correct variety selection.
yuma flower
Crape Myrtle Blooming Issues
Crape myrtles are the most popular summer flowering landscape tree in Louisiana. Here are the keys to blooming issues.
lace bug
Lantana Lace Bugs
Lantana lace bugs have been very abundant in south Louisiana landscapes the past two years. Here is some identification and control information.
Azalea garden
Margie Y. Jenkins Azalea Garden Established at Hammond Research Station
The LSU AgCenter's Hammond Research Station has established the Margie Y. Jenkins Azalea Garden in recognition of one of Louisiana's most widely known nursery owners and nationally known lover, breeder and authority of azaleas.
Changing Soil pH
Changing Soil pH
A handy reference chart with information on changing soil pH with lime and sulfur applications.
Where to Buy Louisiana Super Plants
Where to find Super Plants
Listing of retail businesses that sell Louisiana Super Plants.
Rosy-red blooms with magenta throats
'Aphrodite' Althea - Summer-flowering Shrub
Growing information and photos of 'Aphrodite' althea.
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