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W.A. Callegari Environmental Center
is the LSU AgCenter's research and training facility for composting organic waste and for water and air quality. Located on an 8-acre site on the Central Research Station, the Callegari Center serves researchers, agricultural producers, private communities, governmental agencies, and the general public in the areas of composting, water quality, air quality, and bioenergy.

Water Quality / Organic Degradation Research & Analytical Laboratory
1300 Dean Lee Drive · Baton Rouge, LA · 70820 [Map]

W.A.Callegari Environmental Center 

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 25100 · Baton Rouge, LA · 70894-5100

Physical Address

268E Knapp Hall · 110 LSU Union Square · Baton Rouge, LA · 70803


PO Box 25100 · Baton Rouge, LA · 70894
268 Knapp Hall · Baton Rouge, LA · 70803
Phone: (225) 578-6998 · Fax: (225) 578-7765

Water Quality

The environment is the world in which we live, both the living and the non-living.

Organic and Water Labs

The W. A. Callegari Environmental Center Water Quality and Organic Degradation Research and Analytical Laboratories (ODRAL) are another progression in our commitment to providing excellence in service and support for our growing numbers of clientele by providing the highest quality analytical testing and interpretation of results for a wide variety of materials.

Composting Organics
tractor moving compost

Composting is a controlled process that uses microorganisms found in nature to transform large quanities of organic materials into a humuslike substance called compost.

Helpful Links in Pesticide
Links to important information about pesticides.

Commercial Applicator Recertification/Certification Conferences
This article includes dates for commercial applicator certification and recertification conferences.
Private Applicator Recertification/Certification Conferences
This article includes dates for private applicator certification and recertification conferences.
Pesticide Recertification/Certification Conferences
Click here for the dates of pesticide certification and recertification conferences.
Pesticide Certification Categories and Exam Study Materials
Sample posting.
Spring 2012 Newsletter
This is the Spring 2012 edition of the W.A. Callegari biannual newsletter. Topics covered include: the EPA and the Louisiana Master Farmer Program, Recent W.A. Callegari Environmental Center Water Resources Extension Programs, Laboratory Services of the W.A. Callegari Environmental Center, and the new Pesticide Safety Education Coordinator Kim Pope.
Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP)
The LSU AgCenter, in conjunction with the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF), works to maintain a successful pesticide applicator certification program.
Methods and Available Analysis for Water Quality Testing
W.A. Callegari Cost Center Price List
The following methods and analyses are available at the W. A. Callegari Environmnetal Center Water Quality Laboratory.
BMP Manuals
Links to best managment practices (BMPs) manuals about agronomic crops, aquaculture, beef, dairy, poultry, rice, sugarcane, sweet potatoes and swine .
Callegari Center receives Governor's Environmental Award
Award presentation
The W.A. Callegari Environmental Research and Training Center received the Governor’s Environmental Leadership Award in Waste Minimization Achievement March 31, 2005 at the Louisiana State Capitol.
Financial Assistance is Available to Implement Master Farmer Participant Conservation Plans
Flyer about financial assistance available to participate in conservation plans
ABCs of implementing and funding a conservation plan.