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State Livestock Show Social Security Requirements:

All State Livestock Show exhibitors must list their Social Security Number on the exhibitor entry form to be awarded monetary premiums from the show. Failure to do so will forfeit these cash awards. Exhibitors that do not list their Social Security Number are still eligible to participate in all aspects of the livestock show project. Any questions regarding this policy can be addressed to the Livestock Show Office (225) 578-2255.

Attention Exhibition Bird Exhibitors:

Entry Fees to show at the State Livestock Show are due to the State Office by January 11, 2012. Please contact Animal Sciences to pay these fees prior to the show at (225) 578-2473.

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2016 Livestock Show Catalog
State Livestock Show Catalog
The State Livestock Show catalog contains the rules and regulations for the Livestock Show. In addition, this catalog contains information on special awards by breed associations, other organizations and individuals. It also lists association rules for some breeds of cattle and for Louisiana-bred market animals. It is up to each exhibitor to read all rules and information found in the State Livestock Show General Catalog.
Schedule of Events
Schedule of Events
Schedule of events for the 2016 State Livestock Show.
Important Announcements
Important announcements for participants in the State Livestock Show.
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