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Youth throughout the state participate in parish, distict and state livestock shows.  These students receive tremendous benefits from their livestock projects, having learned responsibility and discipline through feeding and caring for animals and following accepted ethical and animal welfare standards.

Information for livestock exhibitors can be found here. Use the links to the right to find information on the state livestock show, livestock forms,  news and events.

 Online Quality Assurance for Livestock Exhibitors

Latest Health Paper Requirements for Livestock Shows

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Important Announcements
Important announcements for participants in the State Livestock Show.

State Livestock Show Catalog
2016 Livestock Show Catalog

The State Livestock Show catalog contains the rules and regulations for the Livestock Show. In addition, this catalog contains information on special awards by breed associations, other organizations and individuals. It also lists association rules for some breeds of cattle and for Louisiana-bred market animals. It is up to each exhibitor to read all rules and information found in the State Livestock Show General Catalog.

Schedule of Events
Schedule of Events

Schedule of events for the 2016 State Livestock Show.

2016 Steer Validation Entry Form
2016 LSU AgCenter Steer Validation Entry Form

Livestock Show Entry Form
Livestock Show Entry Form
Entry form for the 2016 State 4-H/FFA Livestock Show.
LA Livestock Show Health Requirements
LDAF has updated and changed current health requirements for poultry and livestock at livestock shows in the state.
Biosecurity Fact Sheet
Biosecurity Fact Sheet
Policies and procedures for individuals coming into contact or transporting livestock. Recommended procedures to reduce the risk of the spread of animal diseases.
Animal Validations
Instructions for DNA testing
Instructions on collecting hair samples from cattle, hogs, sheep and goats for DNA testing.
Broiler Entry Form
Entry form for the Broiler Show at the LSU AgCenter 4-H/FFA State Livestock Show.
Exhibition Bird Entry Form
Entry form for the Exhibition Bird show at the LSU AgCenter 4-H/FFA State Livestock Show.
Livestock show ethics, animal welfare task force being formed
(Distributed 01/30/09) The LSU AgCenter is joining with the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry to develop a livestock show ethics and animal welfare task force, according to LSU AgCenter officials.
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