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The Entomology Department addresses questions and concerns involving insects and related arthropods,ranging from management of pest species to assessment of insect roles in natural ecosystems. Departmental research addresses basic and applied ecology, agricultural and forest pest management, urban entomology, medical and veterinary entomology and toxicology and molecular biology. Extension Entomology faculty are primarily responsible for service/outreach activities at BREC educational programs, AgMagic, public and private schools, and senior citizens programs, among others.
Our Mission

The mission of Entomology is to develop socioeconomic and environmentally friendly solutions to entomological problems through programs of excellence in education, research, and public service.

The department’s strategic goals are to:

1. Maintain and enhance strength in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs,

2. Maintain and enhance strength in Urban Entomology programs,

3. Maintain and enhance strength in systematics, conservation and environmentally-oriented studies, and inventory Louisiana insects, and

4. Attract and train quality graduate and undergraduate students in these areas.

The role and mission of the Entomology Department are consistent with those of the LSU AgCenter and College of Agriculture, which seek to provide preeminent research, education, and extension programs in areas that contribute to improved agricultural productivity, environmental quality, human and animal health, and structural integrity of homes and businesses.

Entomology Department Video

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