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Research at the Bioprocessing & Colloidal Systems Laboratory

Research Topics:

Nanoparticles and Colloidal Systems
Nanoscale engineering: nanoencapsulation of bioactive components for controlled drug release and food applications. The design of nanoparticle/colloidal systems is one of the main research thrusts of the lab.  We focus on targeted delivery of vitamins, antioxidants, colorants, and antifungals via colloidal and nanoparticle systems.

Microwave Extractions of Bioactive Components
Process development: microwave heating, supercritical fluid extraction of bioactive components from plants. The design of continuous-flow microwave systems for food and bioenergy processes is explored.

Numerical Methods of Multiphysics Phenomena
Mathematical modeling: numerical modeling of bioprocesses involving multiphysics phenomena. Continuous-flow focused microwave heating is analyzed using ANSYS Multiphysics.

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