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Tilting Flatbed Haysled
An attachment for hauling 4-6 tons of hay.
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3-Point Hitch Boom
A tractor attachment for spraying or leveling a pasture.
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Rodeo Arena
A 3-page building plan of a 140' X 248' rodeo arena with holding pens and seating.
building plan
Gooseneck Haysled
A 18' X 14' truck attachment designed to haul hay.
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Pasture Drag
A truck attachment made of tires used for leveling a pasture.
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Cattle Shed and Auction Barn
A 136' X 46' facility for housing and selling cattle and other farm animals.
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Pickup Truck Racks
Detachable wood racks with hinge details for pickup trucks
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Wagon Rack for Tossed Bales
A side and front opening wagon attachment.
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Bulk Hauler
A 7'10" X 2'9-3/4" bin intended to be carried on a flat bed truck or truck trailer.
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Dock Bumper
A self-aligning bumper on a loading dock.
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Hydrologic Cycle
An illustration of rain and groundwater cycles.
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Barn for Automatic Bale Wagons
An adjustable 46' X 96' building designed to store hay.
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Incinerator (5'4" square)
A 5'4" square cement block incinerator with a chimney.
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Lath House
A 36' X 24' building designed to store metal and wood working equipment.
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Gate (Automatic)
A 15' 2" hand-operated farm gate.
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Equipment Box
A 4' X 2' equipment box for storage.
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12" Log Lifter
A device designed to lift logs.
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Penta Preservative Cold Vat
A chemical holding vat.
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Log Splitter
A device designed to split logs.
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Building Lightning Protection
A system designed to divert lightning from a building.
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