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Hay Barn Storage
A 24' X 70' enclosed structure designed to store hay or other farm produce or equipment.
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Implement shed
A 40' X 102' open-sided shed for storage
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Fertilizer Storage
A 40' rigid frame storage shed with a mixer
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Liquid Manure Tank
A below-ground tank of adjustable length, width and depth for storing liquid manure.
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Large Bale Transporter
A large bale transporter designed for small tractors with a 3-ft hitch.
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Bulk Hauler
A bin designed to be carried on a flatbed truck or truck trailer.
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Hay Spike
A spike designed for front end loaders with 2 actuators.
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Variable Clearance Gate
This snow and manure gate can be used in cattle corrals, feedlots or anywhere on the farm.
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Bulk Storage Shed
A 16' X 36' shed with sides and a concrete floor designed for bulk storage.
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Storage Shed for Fertilizer
A 12' X 15'8" raised, enclosed structure designed to store fertilizer.
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Machinery Shed with Living Quarters
A 60' X 22' structure divided into two areas. One is a 22' X 24'3" living area. The remaining space is for storing machinery.
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Hay Shed
A structure 24'6" wide with a length adjustable as required and closed sides for storing hay.
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4-Wheel Lawn & Garden Trailer
A small trailer designed for carrying and moving lawn and garden tools and supplies.
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Transportable Storage Bin
A movable storage bin for fertilizer in bulk.
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Elevated Sawdust Bin
A raised structure over 300 feet square with a direct truck loading area designed to store sawdust.
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Utility Shelter
A 28' truss with varied length structure for farm shelter and storage.
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Manure Storage and Settling Basin
The design of a sloped space dug into the ground to store and settle up to 100,000 pounds of manure.
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Hay Bale Loader for Round Bales
A device designed to load round bales of hay onto flatbed trucks.
building plan
Open Hay Storage Building
A 54'6" X 80' covered, open sided structure for storing hay.
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