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Environmental Horse Stables and Barns
muddy horse

Louisiana horse owners can reduce the impact of their facilities on local waterways and groundwater by adopting management practices that minimize the potential for non-point source water pollution.

New Concepts in Lift Attachments for Tractors and Combines
New Concepts in Lift Attachments for Tractors and Combines

This technical report prepared by the Breaking New Ground Resource Center at Purdue University details important aspects and considerations on lift attachments for tractors and combines.

Tractor Lift
Kentucky AgriAbility

This article details instructions on how to build a tractor lift. It was prepared by the AgrAbility project at Kentucky.

Irrigation Basics for Irrigation Landscape Contractors
This series of presentations discusses the basic information needed by landscape contractors to design and install quality irrigation systems.

Effective Design Concepts
effective design concepts
This presentation discusses many concepts and ideas that should be considered when disigning landscape irrigation systems.
Backflow Control
Backflow Control
This presentation discusses the necessary equipment to prevent backflows and cross-connections of various water sources.
Irrigation Wiring
irrigation wiring
This presentation discusses concepts needed to select and design wiring systems to operate irrigation valves and controllers.
This presentation discusses the equipment and design methodology for landscape micro- or drip-irrigation systems.
Irrigation Pipe
Irrigation Pipe
This presentation discusses several of the characteristics of irrigation pipe that should be known when designing irrigation systems.
Sprinkler Layout and Uniformity
sprinkler layout & uniformity
This presentation discusses key concepts to be considered when designing landscape irrigation systems to ensure adequate coverage and uniformity of water application.
Sprinklers & Equipment
sprinklers and equipment
This presentation discusses the types of sprinklers and equipment commonly used in landscape irrigation.
Soil, Plant & Water Relationships
Soil, Plant & Water Relationships
This presentation discusses the relationship between soil and plants in landscape irrigation management and design.
Tractor Rollover Accidents: Causes and Prevention
Causes and Prevention
Simply put, rollover accidents happen when the tractor is in an unstable situation. To reduce the risks of a rollover accident, here are some tips.
Agricultural Sprayer Calibration
sprayer calibration
One of the most important objectives during spraying is the delivery of the correct volume per area (gallons per acre). The efficiency of the chemical intimately depends on the application of an accurate rate. Learn how to calibrate a sprayer by following these simple steps. Illustrations, useful conversions and worksheets included. (PDF Format Only)