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The Department of Agricultural Chemistry provides analytical support for research and extension efforts of the LSU AgCenter as well as for the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry. Analyses are performed on plant and animal tissues, soil, water, feeds, fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural chemicals and agricultural commodities. The Agricultural Chemistry laboratory will analyze these sample types for the general public for a fee. Contact us for fees and sample submittal forms.

Room 102 Agricultural Chemistry Building · 110 LSU Union Square · Baton Rouge, LA · 70803 - 0001
Phone: (225) 342-5812 · Fax: (225) 342-0027

Analyses analyzed in the Ag Chemistry Laboratory on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to commonly asked questions such as: sample tests available, fees charged and who to contact for results.

Sample and Fee Information
Revised AgChemistry Sample Submittal Form

Fee schedule and submittal form used for samples submitted to the LSU AgCenter's Department of Agricultural Chemistry's laboratory. Samples for personal and professional use are processed. LSU AgCenter personnel, please call for rates.

Agricultural Chemistry Department Profile
AgChemistry Department Profile

This report provides information on the plans, program significance, industry facts and research highlights for the Ag Chemistry Department.

About the Department of Agricultural Chemistry
LSU Agcenter Logo
The department is a joint effort between the LSU AgCenter's Experiment Station and the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF).
Pesticide Residue Samples
Pesticide samples are analyzed for pesticide residues using diverse types of chromatography.
Pesticide Formulation Samples
The Pesticide Formulations Section maintains the standard repository for both residue and formulations analyses.
Microbiology Samples
Microbiology samples being processed by the Agricultural Chemistry lab.
Analyses performed by the Microbiology Section include mycotoxins, pathogenic bacteria and antibiotics in turkey dip and water. Other analyses may be performed based on department head approval and available resources.
Meat Samples
The Meat Lab is a USDA, FSIS-accredited laboratory program for protein, moisture, fat and salt.
Lime Samples
Official lime samples are submitted to the Agricultural Chemistry laboratory for analysis to ensure their neutralizing value and particle size as required by state law.
Pet Food Samples
Pet Food Pic
Official Pet Food Samples are submitted to the Agricultural Chemistry laboratory for analysis to ensure accurate ingredient content.
Research Samples
As part of the LSU AgCenter's Agricultural Experiment Station, the Agricultural Chemistry Laboratory provides analytical services to various researchers affiliated with the AgCenter and the university.
Fertilizer Samples
Feed Lab
Official Fertilizer Samples are collected and submitted to the Agricultural Chemistry laboratory for analysis to ensure accurate ingredient content.
Public Service Samples
Analyses may be performed for the general public by any section in the Agricultural Chemistry Laboratory.