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Financial Basics: Practical Steps to Building Wealth
Unit 1 Financial Basics

Materials covered in this unit include: learning the difference between good debt and bad debt; calculating your net worth; developing a debt repayment and a saving-spending plan; and planning your emergency fund.

Protecting Your Investment
Unit 4 Protecting Your Investment

Materials covered in Saving and Investing for Life: Protecting Your Investment include understanding and selecting your financial team, their professional designations and how to avoid investment scams.

Principles of Investing
Unit Three Principles of Investing

Materials covered in Saving and Investing for Life: Principles of Investing include selecting the best investment options and determining your personal investment risk-tolerance level.

Investment Options
Unit  Two Investment Options

Materials covered in Saving and Investing for Life: Investment Options include: learning to develop SMART financial goals, your options for saving for emergency funds, comparing college savings plans and learning to read a financial page.

Take Control of Your Credit
SAIL Take Charge of Credit
Materials covered in the Saving and Investing for Life; Take Control of Your Credit unit include how to obtain, read and analyze your credit report and understanding your credit score. Also includes information regarding the Credit CARD Act of 2009.
Savings Strategies
Almost 70% of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck, courting disaster if their income is suddenly reduced or stopped. This article offers advice on how to increase savings.