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Pet Ownership Costs
Pet care costs become even more of an issue during a recession. Before adding a new pet to your family, assess what you can afford based on annual cost estimates for various types of pets.

Considering a Pet?
Pet care costs: Cost-to-own is a relevant consideration for pet ownership. Even a free and healthy pet can cost more than $1,000 a year to maintain. Be sure you can afford the ownership costs for the projected life time of the animal you are considering for a pet.

Stretching Your Food Dollar
There are lots of ways you can stretch your food dollar. You can save by packing your own lunch, eating out less, and by bringing snacks, coffee or soft drinks from home. There are ways to save on groceries too.

Understand Ground Rules For Purchasing And Using Gift Cards
Sixty-six percent of shoppers are planning to purchase a gift card this year, with sales expected to top $55.5 billion. Gift cards are great for holiday giving – recipients love the option to pick out the exact item, color and size that they want, and givers enjoy their one-size-fits-all convenience and easy availability.

Bill-paying Responsibility Looms For Teens Leaving The Nest
Independent spending decisions quickly become an everyday routine for college students, but that independence assumes a financial freedom that most young adults are not prepared to handle, according to LSU AgCenter family economics specialist Dr. Jeanette Tucker.
What Color Is Your Money?
What color is your money?
Money values can cause conflict in relationships. Financial issues are among the leading causes of divorce. Stress and health problems can be cause by worry over money. We learn our money values from many sources. What does money mean to you? Test yourself now.
How to Handle Checking Account Problems
Account verification companies keep track of overdrafts and account closures for banks and credit unions. If you believe there are errors on your record, disputes can be filed with the companies.
Family Economist Offers Tips to Teens Leaving the Nest
(Distributed 7/11/03) Moving away from home for the first time is a pivotal moment in life. It is one of the rights of passage from youth to adulthood, according to LSU AgCenter family economics specialist Dr. Jeanette Tucker.
Family Economist Outlines Budgeting for College
(Distributed 7/11/03) Financing a college education is often a partnership involving the student, family, school and lending agency. LSU AgCenter family economics professor Dr. Jeanette Tucker encourages college students to find out each partner’s responsibility.
Children in the Middle Series: Separating Your Finances
Children in the Middle Series
Marriage is a financial partnership. Divorce means more than separating a family physically. It also means separating a family financially. Suggestions for preparing for financial separation, dividing property, dealing with debt and dividing assets and property are included. (PDF Format Only)
Strategies for Successful Retirement
How much money will you need to retire comfortably? The answer depends on your lifestyle expectations and goals. Other factors to consider include the age at which you plan to retire, your life expectancy, the amount and type of employer benefits (if any) and the amount and growth rate of your savings and investments.