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2010 River Region Louisiana Master Gardener Annual Report

River Region Louisiana Master Gardener Volunteer Program

LMG Program Name
River Region
Total LMGs Trained 30
LMGs Trained in 2010 0
LMGs Returning from Previous Years 30
 Active LMGs  30
 Volunteer Retention  100%
 Volunteer Hours for 2010  762.25
 Average Individual LMG Hours  25
 FTE Value @ 1920  0.40
 Value of Volunteer Hours @ $20/hr  $15,245.00
 Total Volunteer Contacts for 2010  8370
 Average LMG Contacts  279
 CEU Hours for 2010  262.5
 Average Individual CEU 6 hrs per LMG required  8.75
 LMG Mileage for 2010  3750.28
 Value of LMG Mileage @ $.48  $1,800.13
 Unreimbursed LMG Volunteer Expenses  $194.00
 Total LMG Volunteer Value  $17,239.13

2010 River Region Master Gardeners

The River Region Master Gardeners have a strong commitment to the LSU AgCenter. They are a unique group of individuals, highly motivated who enjoy their volunteer service as gardening educators. During the 2010 fiscal year, River Region Master Gardeners enhanced their volunteer involvement through active participation in monthly program meetings and through a variety of educational gardening activities presented to the public. Educational programs presented by River Region Master Gardener volunteers during 2010 included six gardening workshops on landscape irrigation, rose culture, hummingbirds, butterfly gardening, plant propagation and composting; 13 plant health clinics and informational booths at one garden show, three festivals and nine Saturday farmers markets; six local and three regional beautification projects; one tomato greenhouse demonstration project; and three gardening talk presentations to members of local garden clubs.

In 2010, River Region Master Gardener volunteers reached more than 8,000 citizens through a variety of educational gardening programs presented to the public. Collectively, they contributed a total of 762 volunteer hours that equaled an in-kind service donation of $17, 239 in support of the LSU AgCenter.

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