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About the Northwest Louisiana Master Gardener Program

N/W LA Master Gardeners at the Randall T. Moore Center
NW La. Master Gardeners at the Randle T. Moore Center

Who are Master Gardeners?

Master Gardeners are people just like you and me who love gardening and have a desire to share with others. The Northwest Louisiana Master Gardener Program is a volunteer training program that trains people in horticulture in exchange for a return of 40 hours of volunteer service dedicated back into the program, sharing what has been learned with other gardeners. The program is provided by the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service and is open to all adults in Northwest Louisiana.

 How do I apply?

Call (318) 698-0010 to request an application or download a letter and application below. Instructions for mailing are on the application.  Applications must be received by December 1st for consideration for the next class. The applications are reviewed in December, and participants are notified shortly thereafter. Because of class size and restrictions, you may need to reapply for the next class. Please be patient and keep applying.

Where are classes held?

Classes are held at the Randle T. Moore Center in Shreveport on Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. from January through March.  

Is there any cost to participate?

The registration fee for the Master Gardeners class is $175. The fee covers the cost of training manuals, publications and supplies for the class. The fee is payable upon acceptance into the class.

What kind of training do Master Gardeners receive?

If you are selected for the Master Gardener program, you will receive 40 to 50 hours of horticultural training, both classroom lecture and hands-on. Classes are taught by Louisiana Cooperative Extension specialists, university professors and other horticultural experts. You will learn about insects, plant health, vegetables, fruits, turf, ornamentals and more.

How will I volunteer?

Master Gardeners pay back their volunteer commitment in a variety of ways:

  • Staffing a gardeners' telephone hotline
  • Introducing children to gardening
  • Organizing educational programs and conferences such as Le Tour des Jardins and The World of Gardening fall seminar
  • Creating and maintaining demonstration gardens
  • Assisting in local parish extension offices


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