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Demonstration Garden

The LPMGA Demonstration Garden beds are located behind the Ira Nelson Horticulture Center on Johnston St. in Lafayette. 

The garden is designed to create an environment that informs our community and illustrates environmentally sound methods of gardening in an atmosphere of collaboration and enrichment. 

Please visit our Demo Garden and enjoy the many beautiful beds on the self-guided tour. 

The name of each bed below is a link to a detailed brochure of that bed.  Additional brochures are under development and will be added as they become available.

Bulb Bed

Butterfly Bed

Camellia Bed

Children's Beds

Citrus/Fruit Trees

Enabling Beds

Formal Bed

Herb Bed

Hummingbird Bed

Louisiana Super Plants Bed

Mediterranean Bed

Natives Bed

Organic Vegetable Bed

Ornamental Grass Bed

Perennial Bed

Rose Beds

Tree and Shrub Bed

Tropical and Gingers Beds

Wildlife Bed
Related Files
FilenameDescriptionFile Size
Childrens-Garden.pdf Description of the Children's Garden Beds at the Demo Gardens 1,312.83 KB
Ornamental-Grasses.pdf Description of the Plants in the Ornamental Grasses Bed 774.02 KB
Tropical_Look_Brochure.pdf Description of the plants in the Tropical Beds 1,142.95 KB
Herbs.pdf Description of the plants in the Herbs bed. 946.44 KB
Butterfly.pdf Description of plants in the Butterfly Bed. 786.87 KB
Bulb-Bed.pdf Description of the plants in the bulb bed. 708.32 KB
Enabling-Garden.pdf Description of the plants in the Enabling Garden 2,114.76 KB
Fruit-Orchard.pdf Fruit tree planting and care are discussed. 1,302.30 KB
Roses.pdf Description of the Rose Bed at the Demo Gardens. 734.47 KB
Camellia-Bed.pdf Description of the Camellia Bed. 694.34 KB
Perrennial-Bed.pdf Description of the plants in the perrennial bed. 732.88 KB
Formal-Bed-Brochure.pdf Description of the plant in the Formal Bed 1,180.00 KB
Wildlife-Bed.pdf Description of the plants in the Wildlife Bed. 1,379.32 KB
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