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LMG Service Hours Report

To add or edit your service hours report -- or to edit your user profile -- click here or on the first link below and log in with your registered user name and password.

Video Support

To learn how to utilize the the report tool, view the appropriate training video.

Printable Resources

Explanations for LMG Volunteer Activities
Brief explanation of all the Volunteer Activities listed in the pull-down menu for reporting LMG Volunteer Service Hours.

Registration Form for Those Without Internet Access
The form must be completed by all Master Gardeners so their information can be entered into the Reporting System.

Volunteer Hours Report Form
This is a form to be used by those without Internet access. The form used to report both Continuing Education hours and Volunteer Service hours, along with the impact statement and people contacted.

How To Write An Impact Statement
Learn helpful information for writing an impact statement when reporting your LMG volunteer service hours.

Frequently Asked Questions
This document answers several FAQs you may have. Please read if you are experiencing difficulty with reporting your volunteer effort or to help refresh specific aspects about the reporting system.

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