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Mushrooms and Fairy Rings in Lawns
Fairy Rings and Mushrooms in Lawns
We often see lawns with mushrooms or doughnut rings of dying or dark green grass. These are referred to as "fairy rings." This publication includes information on how to control fairy rings in your lawn. (PDF Format Only)
olive plant
AgCenter evaluating olives for Louisiana
(Distributed 05/22/15) HAMMOND, La. – The past ten years have seen increased interest in growing olive trees in the southeastern United States. In Louisiana, a number of individuals and businesses have planted a few olive trees. In addition to culinary and processing quality of the fruit, olives can be long-lived trees with finely textured
Welcome to the Louisiana Master Gardener (LMG) Program
The LSU AgCenter offers home gardeners opportunities to develop their skills and share their knowledge with others through participation in the Louisiana Master Gardener Program (LMG).
Louisiana Master Gardener (LMG) logo.
LMG Annual Reports
These reports describe the statewide impact of the Louisiana Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program. Highlights are listed for selected parishes.
Order Form for State LMG Manual Contents
LMG Handbook Contents ONLY
Order form for program coordinators to order the "contents ONLY" of the current LMG handbook to replace the old version for previous graduates. The cost is $30 and will be charged through an internal transfer only. This is a print-on-demand request.
2006 Annual Report
Statewide report with individual parish LMG program highlights.
2005 Annual Report
This report describes the statewide impact of the Louisiana Master Gardener™ Extension Volunteer Program. Highlights are listed for selected parishes.
Insect Management in Home Vegetable Gardens
Insect Management in Home Vegetable Gardens
Louisiana is blessed with long growing seasons that make year-round gardening possible. To be successful, however, you must have an insect management program. Learn how to tell if the insect is beneficial to your garden or if it is a pest, and determine what to use if controls are necessary. (PDF format only)
Master Gardener Program Information
General Master Gardener Training Program Info
Louisiana Iris
Louisiana Iris
The Louisiana iris continues to be a popular plant for landscapes in the Southeast. This publication provides information on culture, watering, fertilization and several other topics. (PDF Format Only)
Goldie Locks daylily
Try some new daylily varieties
(Distributed 05/15/15) HAMMOND, La. – Daylilies are one of the most popular flowering plants for late spring and early summer Louisiana landscapes. They have reached peak bloom about three weeks early this spring because of the lack of significant cold weather in February and March.
Thriving Hostas for Southern Louisiana Landscapes
A hosta trial was conducted at the LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station from 2009 to 2013 with the objective of selecting hostas for southern Louisiana and similar climate. Top 10 varieties were selected based on four years of evaluation. Varieties that do not return from winter dormancy and those exhibiting stresses are noted as well.
Become an Advanced Louisiana Master Gardener
The Advanced Louisiana Master Gardener Program is open to current Louisiana Master Gardeners in good standing who have completed at least a year of volunteer service.
LMG logo
LMG Service Hours Report
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Louisiana Master Gardener video presentations
View actual master gardener classes plus presentaions from the 2009 LMG conference in Kenner, Louisiana.
Plant Societies in Louisiana
Plant Societies in Louisiana
This is a list of plant societies and garden-related groups in Louisiana.
LMG Programs in Louisiana by Parish
List of Louisiana Master Gardener Extension volunteer programs with contact information for each.
The Louisiana Master Gardener™ program was started in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1994 as a means of extending the educational outreach of the LSU AgCenter, Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service.
Moles in the Lawn and Landscape
Controlling and trapping moles require a little time and patience. Your success with controlling moles depends on locating active runways and the proper placement of a trap.
Louisiana Master Gardener (LMG) logo
Become a Louisiana Master Gardener
Any Louisiana resident with an interest in horticulture and a desire to volunteer for community service may apply to the Master Gardener training program.
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