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LMG Handbook
Order forms for program coordinators to order the current LMG Manual and Program Fee for class participants. The cost is $150 and will be charged through an internal transfer. Please order at least four weeks prior to needing the books to ensure they are ready for your class.
Treat drought-, heat-stressed plants carefully
(Distributed 08/28/15) HAMMOND, La. – What a rough July and August in Louisiana for hot temperatures and droughty conditions. The LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station in Hammond had 43 straight days of temperatures 95 or above. During that time we measured only 0.60 inches of rainfall. Similar high temperature durations and low rainfall totals were recorded across the state.
Southern Peas Thrive In Summer Gardens
Southern peas are an option for Louisiana summer gardens, because they can take the heat and prefer less fertile soils, according to LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dr. Tom Koske.
Lawn Care Slowing Down, But Don’t Forget Proper Care For Grass During Fall
Lawn care definitely changes as the weather begins to cool, and by October the growth of warm-season grasses like St. Augustine, centipede, bermuda and zoysia begins to slow down.
Intenz celosia
Celosia, ornamental peppers pep up fall landscapes
(Distributed 08/20/15) HAMMOND, La. – As we enter fall, many home gardeners are considering adding new plants to dress up the landscape. Two great plants for fall are celosia, which some of us also call cockscomb, and ornamental peppers.
Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs relating to the Advanced Louisiana Master Gardener Program.
vertical shaft engine
How To Choose a Lawn/Garden Tractor - Engines
One of the factors that most affects both the capability of a lawn/garden tractor, and the price, is the engine.
vertical shaft engine
How To Choose a Lawn/Garden Tractor - Engines
One of the factors that most affects both the capability of a lawn/garden tractor, and the price, is the engine.
signs of drought stress
Irrigate wisely during dry weather
(Distributed 08/14/15) HAMMOND, La. – The second hottest July on record in many parts of Louisiana coupled with below-normal rainfall statewide over the past eight weeks has led to drought symptoms in most landscapes. Lawns and landscape beds are suffering. Irrigation is vital through the rest of summer and through fall to prevent long-term damage to plants.
Bermudagrass Can Be Blessing Or Curse
Bermudagrass may be the plague of flower beds and gardens, but is an important turfgrass species, according to LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dr. Tom Koske.
Veggie Bytes newsletter
Veggie Bytes Newsletters
This newsletter is designed to help educators and students use the school garden to learn more about the natural world around them.
Become an Advanced Louisiana Master Gardener
The Advanced Louisiana Master Gardener Program is open to current Louisiana Master Gardeners in good standing who have completed at least a year of volunteer service.
candlestick tree
Cassias add golden yellow flowers to fall landscape
(Distributed 07/31/15) HAMMOND, La. – We are still a couple months away from fall, but there are several plants to consider now that will be showstoppers come October.
New Class LMG Name Badge Order Form
LMG Name Badge Order
Information about new class and extra name badge order forms for Louisiana Master Gardeners.
Fireworks gomphrena
Gomphrena produces colorful flowers now ’til frost
(Distributed 07/24/15) HAMMOND, La. – A tough plant that will keep blooming through summer and into fall, gomphrena likes really high temperatures. Also called globe amaranth, legend has it that the original planting was at the gates of Hades.
LMG Programs in Louisiana by Parish
List of Louisiana Master Gardener Extension volunteer programs with contact information for each.
Fertigation Uniformity from Sprinklers in a Nursery
Studies of water distribution uniformity and fertigation uniformity with sprinkler irrigation were conducted in a commercial container nursery. The first phase of the study consisted of determining water uniformity for two sprinkler heights. The second phase consisted of determining fertilizer application uniformity.
Explanation for Volunteer Hours
Explanations for LMG Volunteer Activities
Brief explanation of all the Volunteer Activities listed in the pull-down menu for reporting LMG volunteer service hours.
rose diseases
Rose Diseases
Louisiana's warm, humid weather encourages the development of several serious diseases that can damage rose bushes. This publication describes the major rose diseases found in Louisiana and offers disease management tips. (PDF Format Only)
Gulf Embers red maple
New trees, shrubs evaluated at Hammond Research Station
(Distributed 07/17/15) HAMMOND, La. – Since the debut of a landscape horticulture research and extension program at the LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station nine years ago, gardens supporting the research at the station continue to expand.
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