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cherry tomatoes
Success with Summer Tomatoes
Louisiana summers are a tough time for tomatoes to set and hold fruit. The heat causes irregular flower growth in most cultivars, and the result is poor fruit set, according to LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dr. Tom Koske.
Louisiana Master Gardener Logo
Louisiana Master Gardener Program
The Louisiana Master Gardener program is a service and educational activity offered by the LSU AgCenter. The program is designed to recruit and train volunteers to help meet the educational needs of home gardeners while providing an enjoyable and worthwhile service experience for volunteers.
The Louisiana Master Gardener™ program was started in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1994 as a means of extending the educational outreach of the LSU AgCenter, Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service.
LMG Blog
This link will bring you directly to the Lousiana Master Gardener Blog.
Native Tree Growing guide
Native Tree Growing Guide for Louisiana
This guide will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about tree planting in the area. It suggests native and well-adapted trees for our region and describes how to grow them successfully. The tree illustration fold-out can also be used as a poster (22" x 34").
LMG Program in EBR Parish - Information
Intoductory information about the EBRP Louisiana Master Gardener Class.
Gray leaf spot on St. Augustine
Diseases of Southern Turfgrasses (PDF)
This is the presentation given at the LTA Conference in Baton Rouge on January 6, 2011, which covers the identification and management of common diseases affecting warm-season southern turfgrasses in Louisiana.
Louisiana Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program
LMG Program in EBR Parish: Background Information
Historical and background information pertaining to the Louisiana Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program in East Baton Rouge Parish.
crape myrte flowers
Why crape myrtles aren’t flowering well
(Distributed 07/25/14) HAMMOND, La. What’s the most popular summer-blooming tree in Louisiana? Crape myrtles. Pretty easy question. Louisianians plant many crape myrtles in their landscapes every year. The lovely, long-lasting blooms make them attractive.
Best Mowing Practices for Southern Turf
The good mowing practices are okay with most lawns and tall-cut turf. Tall cut grass often has more abuse tolerance by nature of more leaf area and more root mass. Low-cut turf does not have these extended benefits to draw from and requires the best mowing practices to sustain decent quality.
Core aerifier gang.
Soil Compaction in Turf
Areas that receive a lot of traffic usually become compacted. Soil particles are packed closer together, creating a root zone where there is little air, poor percolation of water and a tough medium for roots to grow in. The most effective form of relief for a compacted lawn is core aerification.
Pressing sprigs
Turfgrass Establishment
A beautiful lawn doesn't happen by chance. It requires planning and some elbow grease.
Topdressing Turfgrass Sod
The term ‘topdressing’ is used for both the material used and the process of adding a thin layer of material to the surface of a sod or seed bed.
rose diseases
Rose Diseases
Louisiana's warm, humid weather encourages the development of several serious diseases that can damage rose bushes. This publication describes the major rose diseases found in Louisiana and offers disease management tips. (PDF Format Only)
lawn irrigation
Landscape irrigation is important in summer
(Distributed 07/18/14) HAMMOND, La. – July is Smart Irrigation Month across the country. It’s a program of the Irrigation Association to inform industry professionals and homeowners about proper irrigation in the landscape.
Checking For Termites
Formosan Termites Found Near Alexandria
(Distributed 04/29/04) LSU AgCenter entomologists confirmed that termites found the week of April 18 at a home in Pineville were Formosan subterranean termites. This is the first sighting of the pests in the Alexandria area. These termites pose a greater threat than the native species because they form larger colonies, are more aggressive and form carton nests above ground.
Veggie Bytes newsletter
Veggie Bytes Newsletters
This newsletter is designed to help educators and students use the school garden to learn more about the natural world around them.
Growing Vegetable Pears
This publication has information on the varieties, pollination, soil preparation, planting and cultivation of vegetable pears. (PDF Format Only)
Tomato test results for 2009
Houma's LA Terre Louisiana Master Gardeners post some results of a spring vegetable demonstration.
Facebook Page Dedicated to Louisiana Fruit and Vegetable Production
The LSU AgCenter and the Louisiana Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association (LFVGA) have partnered to create a Facebook page dedicated to promoting locally grown foods, our local farmers and research projects related to fruit and vegetable crops.
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