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Native Tree Growing guide
Native Tree Growing Guide for Louisiana
This guide will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about tree planting in the area. It suggests native and well-adapted trees for our region and describes how to grow them successfully. The tree illustration fold-out can also be used as a poster (22" x 34").
Louisiana Master Gardener Logo
Louisiana Master Gardener Program
The Louisiana Master Gardener program is a service and educational activity offered by the LSU AgCenter. The program is designed to recruit and train volunteers to help meet the educational needs of home gardeners while providing an enjoyable and worthwhile service experience for volunteers.
The Louisiana Master Gardener™ program was started in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1994 as a means of extending the educational outreach of the LSU AgCenter, Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service.
LMG Blog
This link will bring you directly to the Lousiana Master Gardener Blog.
Gray leaf spot on St. Augustine
Diseases of Southern Turfgrasses (PDF)
This is the presentation given at the LTA Conference in Baton Rouge on January 6, 2011, which covers the identification and management of common diseases affecting warm-season southern turfgrasses in Louisiana.
Louisiana Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program
LMG Program in EBR Parish: Background Information
Historical and background information pertaining to the Louisiana Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program in East Baton Rouge Parish.
Cool Wave pansies
Mid-October, November are time for planting pansies, violas
(Distributed 10/17/14) HAMMOND, La. – The ideal planting time for cool-season bedding plants in Louisiana runs from late September through early December. Some of our common cool-season flowers prefer the earlier planting dates, and some do better with the later planting dates.
2014 LSU AgCenter Get It Growing Calendar
2014 Get It Growing Lawn & Garden Calendar
The 2014 Get It Growing Lawn & Garden Calendar offers monthly tips for Louisiana gardeners from LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill, beautiful photos from Louisiana photographers and a special section on roses. Full color. 13 1/4” x 9”. Monthly tips. How to section on composting. Louisiana Super Plants. Zone map.
Soil Test in Fall or Winter
Knowing what is in your soil and what it needs is a basic and first step to a good crop and plant health. This off-season time is a good time to get this information and find the products you will require.
Obtain a Private Pesticide Applicator License
Phase 1 of the Advanced Master Gardener Program requires applicants to obtain a Private Pesticide Applicator License.
Start Fall Vegetable Garden Now, Says LSU AgCenter Horticulturist
(Distributed July 2004) July typically signals the start of fall gardening in Louisiana. In some cases, though, it’s actually a month too late, says LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dr. Tom Koske.
Get Handle On Maintenance
Gardening is the most popular hobby or leisure activity in America, but many people still don’t want to spend all their energy on it. For those, there are lots of ways to reduce the time and effort required for landscape maintenance.
rabbiteye blueberries
Rabbiteye blueberry named Louisiana Super Plant
(Distributed 10/10/14) HAMMOND, La. – The LSU AgCenter’s Louisiana Super Plant program is now on its fifth year of educating, promoting, recommending and marketing truly great landscape plants that have performed well in test gardens at the Hammond Research Station and elsewhere around the state. Plant selections are announced each spring and fall.
The Cooperative Extension Service
Information about the history of the Cooperative Extension Service and the the beginning of the Louisiana Master Gardener program (LMG).
Landscape Bed Preparation for Ornamental Plants
Landscape Bed Preparation for Ornamental Plants
Several factors need to be carefully considered when you’re developing landscape beds for ornamental plants. Learn about soil texture, what to do for poorly drained soils and soil amendments. (PDF Format Only)
Expected Vegetable Garden Yields
Expected yields from a good southern vegetable garden will vary, but estimates can help plan the planting scheme for the garden.
Nonchemical Weed Control
Nonchemical Weed Control for Home Landscapes
Louisianians take pride in the appearance of their lawns and landscapes. Weeds, however, can detract from that appearance and frustrate homeowners. Information on adaptation, light, soils and mulch can be found in this publication. (PDF Format Only)
bedding plants
Annual Bedding Plants for Louisiana
In addition to flowers, bedding plants may be grown for their colorful foliage or interesting forms or textures. With proper selection, they can be used to provide color throughout the year. Use this publication to help you with bedding plant selection and proper care. (PDF Format Only)
Autumn Sangria azalea
Fall-blooming azaleas include Robin Hill, Encore
(Distributed 10/03/14) HAMMOND, La. – It’s getting to the time of year when multiseason-blooming azaleas will begin their fall floral displays. Popular fall-flowering azaleas include the Robin Hill and Encore types.
Understand Fertilizer Numbers
Fertilizers come in different strengths and blends, with the three numbers on the bags showing the percentage by weight of the three major nutrients. Understanding the numbers on a bag of fertilizer helps you apply the right amount and ratio your yard or garden needs.
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Get It Growing Calendar
Get It Growing Calendar
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