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The Louisiana Master Gardener™ program was started in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1994 as a means of extending the educational outreach of the LSU AgCenter, Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service.
Native Tree Growing guide
Native Tree Growing Guide for Louisiana
This guide will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about tree planting in the area. It suggests native and well-adapted trees for our region and describes how to grow them successfully. The tree illustration fold-out can also be used as a poster (22" x 34").
LMG Program in EBR Parish - Information
Intoductory information about the EBRP Louisiana Master Gardener Class.
Gray leaf spot on St. Augustine
Diseases of Southern Turfgrasses (PDF)
This is the presentation given at the LTA Conference in Baton Rouge on January 6, 2011, which covers the identification and management of common diseases affecting warm-season southern turfgrasses in Louisiana.
Louisiana Master Gardener Logo
Louisiana Master Gardener Program
The Louisiana Master Gardener program is a service and educational activity offered by the LSU AgCenter. The program is designed to recruit and train volunteers to help meet the educational needs of home gardeners while providing an enjoyable and worthwhile service experience for volunteers.
Louisiana Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program
LMG Program in EBR Parish: Background Information
Historical and background information pertaining to the Louisiana Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program in East Baton Rouge Parish.
Success with Summer Tomatoes
Louisiana summers are a tough time for tomatoes to set and hold fruit. The heat causes irregular flower growth in most cultivars, and the result is poor fruit set, according to LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dr. Tom Koske.
LMG Blog
This link will bring you directly to the Lousiana Master Gardener Blog.
Alpine series viola
Photo Galleries: Violas
Violas, a close relative to the pansy but with smaller flowers, can provide a mass of color on the darkest winter day. Several viola series perform well in Louisiana, but sometimes it's difficult to choose the viola you want with so many series and colors available. The pictures included on this page are all from the annual bedding plant trials performed at the Burden Center in Baton Rouge.
Fireplace Ashes on Your Soil
Fireplace wood ashes are a lime and potassium source, but watch out for the rise in soil pH.
crape myrtles
Crape Myrtles for Louisiana Landscapes
This publication includes information on the planting, fertilization, pruning, failure to flower, insects and diseases, and varieties of crape myrtles. (PDF Format Only)
bed preparation
It’s time to take care of azaleas
(Distributed 04/11/14) HAMMOND, La. – Azalea blooms were outstanding this spring, even though the flowers were about two to three weeks later than normal and the cold weather this winter limited the early bloom. In the end, however, many plants bloomed in unison beginning in mid-March. Flowers are continuing now, and bloom on some varieties will stretch through May.
Slime Mold Crust on Turfgrass
Slime Mold Crust on Your Turfgrass
This publication includes information on the life cycle, damage and control of slime mold on turfgrass. (PDF Format Only)
Frequently Asked Questions about the LA Master Gardener training program in greater New Orleans
Scab lesions on nuts
Pecan Disease Synopsis
This document describes the diseases that occur most frequently on pecan trees in Louisiana.
Gardening In Shade Can Be Enjoyable
When the proper plants are selected for shady areas, the results can be beautiful and enduring.
Gardening In Shade Can Be Enjoyable
When the proper plants are selected for shady areas, the results can be beautiful and enduring.
Figure 1. Fear of damage from falling branches or trees prompted this case of "chainsaw backlash". This Louisiana homeowner removed all ten live oaks from her property. Photo by Hallie Dozier.
Make Wise Tree Removal Decisions before a Hurricane
This article reviews recent research on urban and community trees and their ability to stand up to hurricane strength winds.
tomato plants
Buying the best tomato for your garden
(Video 03/31/14) It’s a great idea to get tomatoes into your garden during this time. On this edition of Get It Growing, LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill explains the many types of tomatoes you can choose for your early planting. (Runtime: 1:55 seconds)
sago palm
Sago palms, beautiful but dangerous plants
(Video 03/1714) Sago (Say-go) palms grow well in Louisiana. But they are particularly dangerous to dogs this time of year. LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill explains that danger and what you can do about it, as well as some other Sago plant care tips, on this edition of Get It Growing. (Runtime 1:39 seconds)
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Get It Growing Calendar
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