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Louisiana Vegetable Planting Guide
planting guide

Use this guide to plant a successful vegetable garden. The information has been developed after considerable research and practical experience. (PDF Format Only)

Success with Summer Tomatoes
cherry tomatoes

Louisiana summers are a tough time for tomatoes to set and hold fruit. The heat causes irregular flower growth in most cultivars, and the result is poor fruit set, according to LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dr. Tom Koske.

How to Properly Prune Your Tomatoes
Determinate Tomato Pruning

A short description on how and why to prune your home-grown tomatoes

Time To Plant Heat-tolerant Veggies
June is a pivotal time for Louisiana vegetable gardens. It’s the transition from spring to hot summer conditions. At this time many crops are fully in harvest or have been pulled out to make room for new crops.

Container-grown Tomatoes
patio princess
A home garden tomato variety trial to determine the best tomato for growing in containers.
Southern Peas Thrive In Summer Gardens
Southern peas are an option for Louisiana summer gardens, because they can take the heat and prefer less fertile soils, according to LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dr. Tom Koske.
Many Snap Beans Varieties Available For Spring Gardens
Snap beans are adapted to a wide range of soils in Louisiana and make an excellent crop for the home garden. Their freshness is a real treat at the dinner table and some new varieties are available for 2010.
Chard or Swiss Chard
Swiss chard, often just called chard, can be grown easily in most gardens. This cool-season green vegetable also has good heat resistance, so it’s really a year-round producer.
Southern peas & Yardlong or Asparagus bean
Photo of Blackeye pea
The southern pea is also known as cowpea and field pea and various names like blackeyes, crowders, peas, etc.
Growing Vegetable Pears
This publication has information on the varieties, pollination, soil preparation, planting and cultivation of vegetable pears. (PDF Format Only)
Garlic in the Garden
Garlic is thought to have many uses from warding off cancer to protecting from evil. In Louisiana, we use it to flavor food and boil shellfish. Here are some tips on how to grow garlic in the home garden.