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Managing Nematodes in the Garden
tomato with rootknot galling

There are dozens of different types that feed on the roots of vegetables, but the root-knot nematode is one of the most destructive types found throughout our state. Managing nematodes may involve using one or more techniques that have proven to reduce nematode populations.

Root-knot Nematode In The Home Garden
Okra galling

Gardeners are often unaware of a serious pest waiting for the spring vegetables to begin growing. These pests are small, microscopic animals called nematodes, and they attack the roots of many plants commonly grown in the garden. There are two major types of nematodes that cause the most problems for vegetables.

Herbicide Weed Controls for Vegetable Gardens
Weed Management Guide

PDF of home vegetable garden herbicides for 2009 and their usage.

Very Basic Weed Control

Controling weeds in small areas may be pretty simple.

Blossom-end Rot
photo of healthy tomatoes
Blossom-end rot can occur when sunny days follow a cloudy, wet period. It is a symptom of calcium deficiency in the plant.
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