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Native Tree Growing Guide for Louisiana
Native Tree Growing guide

This guide will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about tree planting in the area. It suggests native and well-adapted trees for our region and describes how to grow them successfully. The tree illustration fold-out can also be used as a poster (22" x 34").

Palm Culture and Landscape Use In Louisiana
Windmill Palm

Through the ages, few plants have been as important to humans as palms in providing food, fuel, timber and aesthetic beauty.

Azaleas - Louisiana's Most Popular Landscape Shrub

Information on azaleas includes recommended cultural practices and other keys to be successful with this popular plant in your landscape efforts.

Make Wise Tree Removal Decisions before a Hurricane
Figure 1. Fear of damage from falling branches or trees prompted this case of "chainsaw backlash". This Louisiana homeowner removed all ten live oaks from her property. Photo by Hallie Dozier.

This article reviews recent research on urban and community trees and their ability to stand up to hurricane strength winds.

Backyard Fruit Makes Good Landscape Option
Late fall through winter in Louisiana is a great season for planting fruit trees, according to LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dr. Allen Owings. The horticulturist says several kinds of fruit trees and similar plants work well in backyard landscapes.
Homeowners' Guide for Fertilizing Pecan Trees in Louisiana
Homeowners' Guide for Fertilizing Pecan Trees
The most important cultural practice the homeowner with pecan trees needs to consider is proper fertilization. This publication includes information and guidelines for fertilizing pecan trees. (PDF Format Only)
Selection and Care of Pecan Varieties for Louisiana Yards
Selection and Care of Pecan Varieties for Louisiana Yards
The pecan tree is prevalent in Louisiana as a shade tree in the landscape and also as a source of nuts for home use. The recommended varieties for home planting are listed and described in this publication.(PDF Format Only)
Replanting Storm-ravaged Landscapes Begins
Landscapes damaged by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita can be revitalized. LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill talks about what can be done to repair the damage.
Hire an Arborist for Residential Tree Needs
Arborist Dave Leonard uses and air knife to remedy soil compaction under a live oak tree in New Orleans.
Sound stewardship of urban and community trees includes employing the services of arborists to help maintain their health and vitality. This article provides the homeowner tips on finding and hiring a tree care professional for your residential tree care needs.
Hurricane Information Series: Protect Landscapes & Property
Living in south Louisiana, we know that getting ready for the storm means stocking batteries, candles, water, canned goods and first aid supplies. We also need to think about the landscapes that surround our homes or businesses and how they can provide a buffer zone that can reduce storm damage.
Pecan Disease Synopsis
Scab lesions on nuts
This document describes the diseases that occur most frequently on pecan trees in Louisiana.
Growing Loquats in Louisiana
Loquat ripe fruit
Loquat, sometimes called Japanese plum or Japanese Medlar, is an attractive small tree or shrub that is frequently planted in landscapes as an ornamental in Louisiana. The tree has large thick evergreen leaves, which thrives in most well-drained soils, can be used as an edible landscape plant.
Camellia Garden at the Hammond Research Station
Group photo of people in front of large camellia
A two-acre camellia garden at the LSU AgCenter’s Hammond Research Station is now open again, thanks to the efforts of the Tangipahoa Parish Master Gardeners.
Crape Myrtles for Louisiana Landscapes
crape myrtles
This publication includes information on the planting, fertilization, pruning, failure to flower, insects and diseases, and varieties of crape myrtles. (PDF Format Only)
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