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Looking for tropical plants appropriate for Louisiana
Big leaf tibouchina

(Distributed 08/29/14) HAMMOND, La. – A research and extension program at the LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station this year and next year – along with some work the past two years – is the evaluation of tropical and tropical-like landscape plants.

Here’s what’s new for summer flowers
Titan Romance Mix vinca

(Distributed 08/22/14) HAMMOND, La. – Since the debut of a landscape horticulture research and extension program at the LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station eight years ago, we’ve continually expanded the gardens that support research. One of the largest programs evaluates new annual warm-season bedding plants and perennial flowers in the sun garden and shade garden.

AgCenter research gardens feature new trees, shrubs
Southgate Brandi rhododentron

(Distributed 08/15/14) HAMMOND, La. – Since the debut of a landscape horticulture research and extension program at the LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station eight years ago, gardens supporting the research continue to expand.

Care now will improve fall roses
Julia Child rose

(Distributed 08/08/14) HAMMOND, La. – Late summer is the time to begin preparing for spectacular fall blooms on your roses. Roses need proper disease management and fertilization in August through early September for best fall performance.

Marigolds, zinnias offer fall flower color
(Distributed 08/01/14) HAMMOND, La. – Marigolds and zinnias for fall flowers? Yes! Zinnias and marigolds are two excellent examples of warm-season bedding plants to try from August through the first killing frost.
Why crape myrtles aren’t flowering well
crape myrte flowers
(Distributed 07/25/14) HAMMOND, La. What’s the most popular summer-blooming tree in Louisiana? Crape myrtles. Pretty easy question. Louisianians plant many crape myrtles in their landscapes every year. The lovely, long-lasting blooms make them attractive.
Landscape irrigation is important in summer
lawn irrigation
(Distributed 07/18/14) HAMMOND, La. – July is Smart Irrigation Month across the country. It’s a program of the Irrigation Association to inform industry professionals and homeowners about proper irrigation in the landscape.
There’s still time to plant lantanas
Butter Cream lantana
(Distributed 07/11/14) HAMMOND, La. – Lantanas continue to be one of the most popular herbaceous perennials for Louisiana landscapes. Many varieties – some old and some new – offer a multitude of growth forms and flower colors.
Take a look at these crape myrtles
Yuma crape myrtle
(Distributed 07/03/14) HAMMOND, La. – More varieties and sizes of crape myrtles are available than many people realize. You can choose from well over 100 varieties with more being added each year. Unfortunately, due to demand, only about 10-15 varieties are readily available at garden centers around Louisiana.
It’s hummingbird time in the landscape
(Distributed 06/27/14) HAMMOND, La. –Many people think attracting hummingbirds is as easy as hanging a feeder. But that is not always successful because many hummingbirds are not accustomed to using feeders. It can be frustrating to put out a feeder and never see a hummingbird.
Perennial salvias provide color now through fall
Amistad salvia
(Distributed 06/20/14) HAMMOND, La. – Looking for low-maintenance perennials for a practically nonstop flower show from summer through fall? If you are, consider the many species and varieties of perennial salvia.
Angelonias are tough summertime plants
Serena angelonia
(Distributed 06/13/14) HAMMOND, La. – Gardeners have long desired flowers that are low-maintenance in their landscape. But they also want these flowers to last spring through fall.
New AgCenter studies focus on crape myrtles
delta breeze crape myrtle
(Distributed 06/06/14) HAMMOND, La. – New varieties of crape myrtles are currently available in abundance. Developers have introduced new varieties over the past few years with an emphasis on smaller growth habits, dark foliage colors, earlier bloom and more.
Pentas provide landscape color now through fall
Starcluster pentas
(Distributed 05/30/14) HAMMOND, La. – Looking for some great summer color for your landscape beds from now through the first killing frost this fall? Of course! Who isn’t? Butterfly series pentas will give you that – and maybe even more.
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