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Fireworks purple fountain grass named Louisiana Super Plant
Fireworks purple fountain grass

(Distributed 05/01/15) HAMMOND, La. – With spring in full swing, it’s time for another Louisiana Super Plant announcement from the LSU AgCenter.

Zinnias produce great color all summer long
Zahara White

(Distributed 04/24/15) HAMMOND, La. – Home gardeners have long enjoyed zinnias, one of our most popular warm-season bedding plants. New zinnia varieties have been introduced regularly over the past few years.

Senorita Rosalita, new ‘cousins’ shine in flower beds
Senorita Rosalita Cleome

(Distributed 04/17/15) HAMMOND, La. – Every few years, a new variety of bedding plant comes along that takes the country by storm. Greenhouse growers instantly fall in love; retailers cannot sell enough once they get it on the shelves; and home gardeners go crazy when they truly realize how great of a new plant it is.

Early April is azalea time in Louisiana
azaleas in woodland garden

(Distributed 04/02/15) HAMMOND, La. – Early April is here, and that signifies the peak flowering season for azaleas across the state. Some years, flowering is earlier; some years, flowers come later.

Start caring for crape myrtles now
crape myrtle improper pruning
(Distributed 03/27/15) HAMMOND, La. – Our spring- and summer-flowering trees and shrubs are growing and preparing for another great bloom season. One of favorite landscape plants for late spring and summer is the popular and loved crape myrtle.
2015 named ‘Year of the Gaillardia’
Mesa Yellow gaillardia
(Distributed 03/20/15) HAMMOND, La. – The National Garden Bureau has named 2015 the “Year of the Gaillardia.”
Know your hardiness, heat zones
plant hardiness zones
(Distributed 03/13/15) HAMMOND, La. – As we transition from late winter to early spring in the landscape, many gardeners start thinking about weather conditions, last frost and freeze dates and consider whether it’s safe to plant this plant or that plant in the landscape.
Camellia season nearing end
(Distributed 03/06/15) HAMMOND, La. – Beneath the mighty, majestic live oaks surrounded by gardenias, Southern magnolias, azaleas and sweet olives stands the camellia – what many in the South may refer to as “the queen of the garden.”
Southerners love live oaks
live oaks at hammond
(Distributed 02/17/15) HAMMOND, La. – Have you noticed that Southerners have a love affair with the live oak (Quercus virginiana)? And rightly so! Noted for its strength and longevity, this stately tree was one of the major tree species that survived the wind and flooding of Hurricane Katrina.
La. landscapes beginning to awaken
saucer magnolia
(Distributed 02/20/15) HAMMOND, La. – Landscapes around the state are in various stages of their spring awakening, but it’s still February.
February care enhances spring, summer roses
double Knock Out rose
(Distributed 01/13/15) HAMMOND, La. – Roses continue to be popular in our residential landscapes, so home gardeners would be well served to increase their knowledge and awareness of recommended management practices for roses. Proper care at the proper time goes a long way to enjoying landscape success.
Azaleas may look unhealthy in mid, late winter
bark split
(Distributed 02/06/15) HAMMOND, La. – One of the most widely planted landscape shrubs in Louisiana is the azalea. Dwarf, intermediate and the larger-growing Southern Indica varieties are common in our landscapes.
There’s a right way to prune trees and shrubs
(Distributed 01/30/15) HAMMOND, La. – Winter and early spring are when many gardeners prune plants, which is the correct time for most plants in the home landscape.
Sweet alyssum hybrids enhance cool-season containers, landscape beds
Snow Princess
(Distributed 01/23/15) HAMMOND, La. – New plants make gardening exciting. About five years ago, a new sweet alyssum variety started appearing in trial gardens and garden centers around the country. These are now well-established in the greenhouse trade and have added a great cool-season-to-warm-season transitional plant to the retail marketplace.
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