Turfgrass Varieties
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Zoysias can be the most beautiful and slow growing lawns, but they can also be big problems. These lawns are very dense and uniform in appearance.

Carpetgrass for Lawns
Stolons of common carpetgrass

Carpetgrass (Axonopus) isn't the prettiest grass, but it will sustain growth in poor soil and shady, damp areas. Its medium-coarse texture and light green color are very similar to centipede grass. I like to say that it looks like starving St. Augustinegrass.

Centipedegrass Turf

It is called the “lazy man’s grass” because it thrives with less care and requires less mowing than many other grasses.

Warm Season Lawn Grasses
St. Augustinegrass

All warm-season grasses can thrive in Louisiana. This collection of photos and descriptions can help the home gardener select the right species.

Bermudagrass Can Be Blessing Or Curse
Bermudagrass may be the plague of flower beds and gardens, but is an important turfgrass species, according to LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dr. Tom Koske.
Seeded Turf-type Bermudagrasses
Bermudagrass sod is a tough, fine-textured, aggressive, warm-season turf that's just perfect for a pretty lawn or well-performing athletic turf. It does not tolerate shade, so overhangs and trees are a big problem.
Louisiana Lawns Fact Sheet: Turfgrass for Louisiana Lawns
Turfgrass for Louisiana
A lawn can be as functional as it is beautiful if planned properly. Recommended varieties, degree of shade, planting and establishment and other site considerations are included. (PDF Format Only)
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