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Fairy Rings and Mushrooms in Lawns
Mushrooms and Fairy Rings in Lawns

We often see lawns with mushrooms or doughnut rings of dying or dark green grass. These are referred to as "fairy rings." This publication includes information on how to control fairy rings in your lawn. (PDF Format Only)

Weed and Feed Damage

Weeding and feeding are two different operations. Sometimes they can be done in combination, but not always and not for best results.

Tropical Sod Webworms are Wreaking Havoc on Louisiana Lawns
tropical sod webworm

Tropical sod webworms (Herpetogramma spp.) are creating havoc on home lawns, especially St. Augustinegrass. I am seeing sod webworms and to a lesser extent armyworms in the same yards. At least every other St. Augustinegrass yard in Baton Rouge has some degree of damage. These two moth larvae together have caused more damage than I have ever seen in home lawns.

Fall Is for Football... and Brown Patch!
Photo of early stages of brown patch on St. Augustinegrass.

Fall is the time to treat for brown patch, the most common disease on warm-season turfgrasses.

Home Lawn Chemical Weed Control Guide
weed control
Here is a chart of hebicides for home lawn use.
Slime Mold ‘Sinister,’ But Not Harmful To Lawn
Even though Louisiana falls are usually dry, rain eventually comes. After long, extended wet periods, a sinister looking fungus or slime may appear, attacking lawns in the cooler season ahead.
Slime Mold Crust on Your Turfgrass
Slime Mold Crust on Turfgrass
This publication includes information on the life cycle, damage and control of slime mold on turfgrass. (PDF Format Only)
Louisiana Lawns Fact Sheet: The Centipede Decline Problem
Centipede grass is a popular lawn grass in Louisiana. Although centipede is a low-maintenance grass, proper management is still important. This publcation covers factors that contribute to centipede decline: improper plant nutrition, cultural practices, and soil and water conditions. (PDF Format Only)
Mushrooms, Moldy Foods Dangerous For Dogs
Mushrooms in lawns and moldy foods can be health hazards for your dogs, according to LSU AgCenter veterinarian Dr. Steve Nicholson.