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Preemergence Options for Crabgrass Control in Louisiana Lawns
Crabgrass infesting bermuda grass

Discusses various types of preemergence herbicides for lawns.

Controlling Burweed in Lawns
Burweed or sticker weed

A two prong approach works best to control burweed or sticker weed (Soliva Pterosperma).

Control of Virginia Buttonweed
Virginia Buttonweed

Virginia buttonweed (Diodia virginiana) is one of the leading weeds of Southern lawns.

'Winterize' Your Lawn
Proper fall lawn preparation can mean reduced turf loss to winter kill.

Zoysias can be the most beautiful and slow growing lawns, but they can also be big problems. These lawns are very dense and uniform in appearance.
Dealing With Salinity in Lawns
Soil salts affect turf mostly by withholding moisture from plant tissues. They may also compete for uptake of nutrient ions. Try these suggestions to manage a soil salinity situation.
Acid Soil Problems
Acidic soils (low pH) cause more gardening problems in Louisiana than any other soil factor. They affect so many other soil factors in both pest management and soil fertility.
Should new sod be fertilized?
Many wonder if newly laid sod should be quickly fertilized to help speed establishment.
Spring Critical In Establishing Lawn Care Routine
Spring has sprung, and the grass is now growing. But, says LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dr. Tom Koske, there is usually no good reason to push early growth with lots of fertilizer.
Essential Steps When Starting A Southern Lawn
Spring is the time to begin working on a new lawn, and LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dr. Tom Koske has advice for those undertaking such a project.
Thin Areas in Summer Lawns
Bare areas
When attempting to determine the cause of dying patches of grass during the summer, always check the soil first.
Fairy Rings and Mushrooms in Lawns
Mushrooms and Fairy Rings in Lawns
We often see lawns with mushrooms or doughnut rings of dying or dark green grass. These are referred to as "fairy rings." This publication includes information on how to control fairy rings in your lawn. (PDF Format Only)
Weed and Feed Damage
Weeding and feeding are two different operations. Sometimes they can be done in combination, but not always and not for best results.
Tropical Sod Webworms are Wreaking Havoc on Louisiana Lawns
tropical sod webworm
Tropical sod webworms (Herpetogramma spp.) are creating havoc on home lawns, especially St. Augustinegrass. I am seeing sod webworms and to a lesser extent armyworms in the same yards. At least every other St. Augustinegrass yard in Baton Rouge has some degree of damage. These two moth larvae together have caused more damage than I have ever seen in home lawns.
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