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It would be hard to find a flower more universally loved than the rose. Over humanity’s long history with this plant, the rose has found its way into our gardens, cuisine, medicine, art and cultures. It is easier than ever to find undemanding, reliable roses that will enhance your landscape. This publication will help you decide what types of roses to grow, as well as explaining how to plant and take care of them. (PDF Format Only)
Growing Gladilous in Louisiana
Gladiolus, or sword lily, has been a favorite of Southern gardeners for generations.
Landscape Bed Preparation for Ornamental Plants
Landscape Bed Preparation for Ornamental Plants
Several factors need to be carefully considered when you’re developing landscape beds for ornamental plants. Learn about soil texture, what to do for poorly drained soils and soil amendments. (PDF Format Only)
bedding plants
Annual Bedding Plants for Louisiana
In addition to flowers, bedding plants may be grown for their colorful foliage or interesting forms or textures. With proper selection, they can be used to provide color throughout the year. Use this publication to help you with bedding plant selection and proper care. (PDF Format Only)
Gardening In Shade Can Be Enjoyable
When the proper plants are selected for shady areas, the results can be beautiful and enduring.
Understand Fertilizer Numbers
Fertilizers come in different strengths and blends, with the three numbers on the bags showing the percentage by weight of the three major nutrients. Understanding the numbers on a bag of fertilizer helps you apply the right amount and ratio your yard or garden needs.
rose diseases
Rose Diseases
Louisiana's warm, humid weather encourages the development of several serious diseases that can damage rose bushes. This publication describes the major rose diseases found in Louisiana and offers disease management tips. (PDF Format Only)
Louisiana Iris
Louisiana Iris
The Louisiana iris continues to be a popular plant for landscapes in the Southeast. This publication provides information on culture, watering, fertilization and several other topics. (PDF Format Only)
Summer Flowering Bulbs for Louisiana Landscapes
It seems that when flowering bulbs are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind are the lovely spring flowering bulbs that brighten our gardens from mid-winter through the spring. But, we also have summer flowering bulbs. They provide an excellent way to introduce color and interest into the summer landscape.
Growing Caladiums
How to grow Caladiums
Louisiana Iris
LSU AgCenter Scientists Testing Weed Control For Louisiana Iris Growers
LSU AgCenter scientists are nearing the end of a two-year weed control study designed to help Louisiana iris growers save money. It is the only weed control study in the state concentrating on field production of Louisiana iris, and its purpose is to increase yields and reduce weed competition.
yellow marigolds
Marigolds Effective Against the Southern Rootknot Nematode
Marigolds produce substances that are toxic to at least one or more kinds of nematodes.
Butterfly Garden
Butterfly Gardening for Louisiana Infographic
Butterflies provide unequaled splendor and motion. Our fascination with these magical creatures is as evident today as it has been throughout history. Speaking to our gentler and possibly our romantic selves, butterflies have a calming effect. Observing these marvelous creatures fluttering seemingly effortlessly sometimes sets our minds adrift.
Louisiana Azaleas
Louisiana Azaleas Infographic
Azaleas are the major ornamental plants in Louisiana’s residential and commercial landscapes. This inforgraph includes information on planting and maintenance, and pest control recommendations.
Buttered Popcorn Daylily
All-American Daylilies Chosen For 2006
A relatively new category has been added to All-America Selections, home of the popular All-America Rose Selections, according to LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dr. Allen Owings. That group is daylilies.
Azaleas, the major ornamental plants in Louisiana’s residential and commercial landscapes, are available in many flower colors, growth habits and foliage characteristics. This publication includes information on planting and maintenance, pest control recommendations and details on popular varieties. (PDF Format Only)
Growing Bougainvillea in Louisiana
The bougainvillea is a tropical vine whose bright, vibrant flowers positively glow in the landscape. Bougainvilleas should produce two or three beautiful displays of flowers in spring, summer and fall. The colorful parts are actually modified leaves called bracts. The true flowers are small and white.
Alpine series viola
Photo Galleries: Violas
Violas, a close relative to the pansy but with smaller flowers, can provide a mass of color on the darkest winter day. Several viola series perform well in Louisiana, but sometimes it's difficult to choose the viola you want with so many series and colors available. The pictures included on this page are all from the annual bedding plant trials performed at the Burden Center in Baton Rouge.
Azalea Varieties for Louisiana Infograph
Azaleas, the major ornamental plants in Louisiana’s residential and commercial landscapes, are available in many flower colors, growth habits and foliage characteristics. This infograph coveries the various varieties for Louisiana gardens
Growing Lantana
Growing Lantana in Louisiana
Information on culture, watering, fertilization and several other topics of Lantana camara (common lantana), Lantana hybrids and Lantana montevidensis (trailing lantana).
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