Zero Turning Radius Mowers
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New Features on Zero-Turning-Radius Mowers
oscillating front suspension

Zero-turning-radius mowers are popular among professionals and homeowners with larger lawns. Zero-turning-radius manufacturers offer many new and/or optional features on their mowers that further increase their versatility and ease of use.

Fire Safety Issue with Professional Turf Mowers
ZTR mower with protected fuel tank

Some zero-turning-radius mowers are designed with a serious fire safety hazard. These models should be avoided.

Safety Standards for Commercial-size Riding Mowers
ZTR mower with ROPS

Commercial-size riding mowers, including the popular zero turning radius mowers, are covered by a safety standard promulgated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Even though many of these mowers are used by homeowners, those that are designed primarily for commercial use are considered commercial machines and they fall under a commercial mower standard.

Low Cost Zero Turning Radius Mowers For Home Lawns
low cost ZTR mower

Zero-turning-radius mowers have taken over the commercial riding mower market. In the past, there were few low-cost models available to homeowners, but this has changed. Low-cost homeowner models are now available from several companies.