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How To Choose a Lawn/Garden Tractor - Engines
vertical shaft engine

One of the factors that most affects both the capability of a lawn/garden tractor, and the price, is the engine.

Safe Operation of Riding Mowers and Lawn/Garden Tractors
mower discharge chute

Riding mowers, lawn tractors, lawn and garden tractors, and garden tractors are large and powerful. They can be dangerous if not used safely.

How To Choose a Lawn/Garden Tractor - Power To Implements
belt drive to mower deck

A mower deck can’t cut grass unless it is connected to the tractor engine. This is usually done in one of two ways, with some possible permutations.

Granular Spreaders: Selection, Calibration, Testing and Use (1999)
Granular Spreaders: Selection, Calibration, Testing, and Use (1999)

The information should make it easier for anyone using a fertilizer spreader to select an appropriate type of spreader and to obtain optimum performance from the selected spreader. This bulletin summarizes 24 years of design, study, research and teaching about fertilizer spreaders. (PDF format only)

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