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Tune up Landscape Irrigation

A properly designed and operated irrigation system will ensure that the critical factor of soil moisture will be there to sustain healthy plant growth.

How To Choose a Lawn/Garden Tractor - Engines
vertical shaft engine

One of the factors that most affects both the capability of a lawn/garden tractor, and the price, is the engine.

Safe Operation of Riding Mowers and Lawn/Garden Tractors
mower discharge chute

Riding mowers, lawn tractors, lawn and garden tractors, and garden tractors are large and powerful. They can be dangerous if not used safely.

How To Choose a Lawn/Garden Tractor - Power To Implements
belt drive to mower deck

A mower deck can’t cut grass unless it is connected to the tractor engine. This is usually done in one of two ways, with some possible permutations.

Thrown Objects Safety With Rotary Cutters
chain guards on rear
All rotary cutters are inherently dangerous. The thrown object hazard is not fully recognized by everyone, yet it can cause injury, blindness or even death.
Old Farm Tractors as Alternatives to Compact Utility Tractors
new compact tractor
Although there are some imported compact tractors available under $10,000, most compact tractors from major manufacturers are in the $10,000 – $20,000 range. Older farm tractors can be a less expensive alternative to compact tractors.
Alternative to Hard Chrome for Hydraulic Cylinder Rods
hard chrome coating
Hydraulic cylinder rods have traditionally been coated with highly polished hard chrome. This surface provides reasonable corrosion resistance and good sealing in hydraulic cylinders, but the material can corrode. An alternate approach now used on some new equipment, including loader cylinders on compact tractors, is a sprayed-on tungsten carbide coating.
Renting Lawn and Garden Equipment
It is not necessary to buy all the equipment you need for your lawn and garden. In many cases, renting can be a practical option.
Selection and Use of a Landscape Bedshaper
landscape bed shaper
Some companies now offer landscape bedshapers designed specifically to lay out and maintain landscape beds. These machines are generally heavier, more powerful and more versatile than turf edgers.
Spreader Setting Recommendations
spreader test stand
When you buy a bag of fertilizer or granular pesticide to spread on your lawn, it will usually have a label on the back of the bag with settings for several common fertilizer spreaders. Do you know where those settings come from, how they were developed or how reliable they are?
Distribution Patterns from Homeowner Rotary Spreaders
spreader pattern
Some rotary spreaders can deliver a reasonably uniform distribution pattern with some products, but not with others, and some homeowner rotary spreaders don’t deliver a good pattern with any product.
Use of a Rotary Garden Tiller
deep tillage with rotary tiller
Whether you buy, rent or borrow a tiller, you will find that it has a wide range of uses. It can be a general purpose garden tool.
Selecting a Rotary Garden Tiller
hand-held rotary tiller
The right rotary tiller can make the job of gardening much easier, but if you choose the wrong tiller for the job, it can make your job more difficult.
Loading Ramp Safety
aluminum loading ramp
Loading equipment onto a truck or trailer usually requires the use of loading ramps. There are some safety issues involved in using ramps.
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