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Lead Certified Renovator Training (RRP)
Contractors are required to be lead-certified for the EPA Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP). You play an important role in preventing lead poisoning. Are you ready?
Steel Mesh Termite Barrier
Termite Resistance
Use multiple methods to make your home resistant to damage from termites, especially Formosan subterranean termites, and other wood-destroying insects. Since basic controls and most state approved stand-alone treatments are not fool-proof, it’s wise to invest in a second line of defense or even a totally termite-resistant structure. Click here to find out how to make your home resistant to termites.
Flood Hazards in Louisiana
Louisiana floods - from excess rain and poor drainage; from overflow of rivers, streams and bayous; from drainage channels backing-up; from storm surge; from levee failures.
Evacuation Traffic
Preparing for Evacuation
Vital preparation steps include developing an evacuation plan, preparing an emergency supply kit and preparing your home for the impending disaster.
NFIP Claims and Levees: What you need to know
Flood Insurance and Levees
FEMA released a Levees Brochure during the Spring 2011 Floods, explaining NFIP coverage behind levees, for protective measures and the waiting period. This page is copied directly from that brochure and includes a PDF of the original document as an attachment.
Flooded house
Flood Recovery Information
From this page, you will be able to access information on a variety of issues related to flood recovery.
Exhibit room
LaHouse Resource Center
A research-based showcase of solutions and educational programs to help you shape the future with homes that offer MORE benefits with LESS ....
My House Family
My House, My Home
Whenever you build, remodel or buy a home, you have the power of choice. Use this science-based guide to take control of your investment and enjoy a high-performance home that offers so much more than shelter and style alone.
Prepare an evacuation to-go kit for your child
(Distributed 08/29/08) Adults are urged to assemble a “grab-and-go” box of important papers in case of a hurricane evacuation. How about making a “to-go kit” for your child? Assembling a few treasured items can help your child in times of disaster, according to LSU AgCenter family development professor Dr. Rebecca White.
Manage post-hurricane stress
(Distributed 09/07/08) You probably can’t avoid the stress coming in the wake of Hurricane Gustav, but you can manage it, says LSU AgCenter family and consumer sciences specialist Becky White.
trawling boat
Determining Seafood Safety in an Oil Spill
Ways to determine seafood safety after an oil spill: detecting taint, the sniff test, and the smell test.
Durability and Hazards
Since November 2005, home building and home restoration in Louisiana are subject to provisions of the State Uniform Construction Code, which is adpated from the International Residential Code. These codes contain provisions that address resistance to flood, wind and rain damage, termite infestation, and decay. Whether you are bound by code, or simply because you recognize these threats to durability, there are things you can do to reduce your vulnerability.
The Ideal Home
Your goal for home design and construction is to create a house that meets your immediate and long-term needs for space, function and aesthetics; keeps you comforable and safe by managing heat and humidity; drains and dries when water gets in; and resists damage from floods, high winds, freezing conditions, flying debris and termites. Your home will be more marketable if it ahcieves these goals while being practical and convenient. Includes links to checklists
Flood, Wind and Water
Louisiana homes are susceptible to damage from floods (rising water, including storm surge), wind (hurricanes, tornadoes and other strong winds) and water (heavy rains infiltrating the building. These hazards and coping with them, are explained more fully in this section.
Living with the Risk
Flooding directly affects thousands of Louisiana citizens living in and near flood hazard areas.
Understanding Your Flood Risk
Our predecessors in Louisiana, the Indians and the early Europeans, avoided floods by vacating the floodplains during flood season or by building their homes on the higher ground and, even then, on piers.
Elevated HVAC and Slab
Design for Flood Damage Reduction
Homeowners can design their homes to be built so as to minimize damages caused by flooding. Learning as much information as possible before starting the building process is important. This article gives information on Flood Insurance Rate Maps, the National Flood Insurance Program, base flood elevations, and more.
Flood Protection - Additional Features
In addition to designing for flood damage reduction, here are several techniques you can use in building the home to reduce the potential for flood damage.
Goes to Flood Map portal
FloodSmart in Louisiana
Louisiana faces serious flood threats during tropical storms and hurricanes from a combination of surge and inland rain. This site directs you to information you can use to understand how predicted flood levels may impact you, how you can reduce flood damage and how you can recover and rebuild once the floodwaters recede.
Wind-resistant Roof Design
Hip roofs (four-sided roof design) are more aerodynamic and inherently more resistant to uplift forces of high wind than gable end and other roof designs. If your home has a gable roof (two-sided pitched roof), the end wall takes a beating during a hurricane and typical framing methods create a vulnerable “hinge” line at the joint between levels. If not properly braced, it can collapse.
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