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House and Landscape Designers Selected
On Novermber 10, 2000, Remson-Haley Architects (RHA) has been selected to design the Louisiana House and produce a master plan for development of the six-acre site.
From Vision to Reality
News about LaHouse Ribbon Cutting, post-storm accomplishments and what's next.
LaHouse - Paving the Path
Thank you to each of the initial LaHouse brick givers! We look forward to seeing your personal inscription on brick pavers installed on a scenic LaHouse landscape trail.
Master Site Plan Unveiled at Site Premier
On November 21, 2000, about 100 supporters and interested stakeholders gathered at the site of the Louisiana House Learning Center (LaHouse) for the Site Premier. LSU AgCenter Chancellor Bill Richardson unveiled the site plan showing what is planned for the fully developed six-acre tract.
Keys to the Success of LaHouse
The key to long-term success is in the partnerships that are forged. Louisiana House offers numerous opportunities for supporters.
master site illustration
A Portrait of the Vision
The new master site plan creates a portrait of the vision for Louisiana House – Home and Landscape Resource Center. It shows the long-range plan for its seven-acre site on Gourier Lane, west of Nicholson Drive and adjacent to the LSU golf course and shop.
LaHouse on the Move - Louisiana House Home and Landscape Resource Center
Moving and evolving with LSU’s campus master planning process over the last year, the third and final Louisiana House location, master site plan and house design were officially approved by the LSU Board of Supervisors in April 2002
Many Thanks to Early Key Contributors
Great appreciation and a heartfelt welcome go to the newest Key Contributors for their generous gifts to the LSU Foundation for Louisiana House.
Groundbreaking Celebration - Louisiana House Home & Landscape Resource Center
More than 100 Contributors, Partners, Allies, team members and friends participated in the July 15, 2003, Louisiana House – Home and Landscape Resource Center (LaHouse) groundbreaking ceremony and recognition reception on the LaHouse site.
LaHouse Design is Taking Shape
Following design discussions with technical experts and feedback from the extended House Design Advisory team, the original concept design was premiered at the 2001 Earth Day Festival. The new site offers a wonderful opportunity to nestle the house within a group of beautiful, shady live oak trees – so the house design is now being modified to fit the new site and its features.
Claudette Reichel pointing out interior features of LaHouse while it's under construction
FEMA Officials Visit LaHouse To Stress Rebuilding Stronger, Safer, Smarter
Federal Emergency Management Agency officials came to an LSU AgCenter educational site Wednesday (Nov. 9) to stress that rebuilding "stronger, safer and smarter" is the way to go for those affected by this summer’s hurricanes. Such construction is a major theme behind the LSU AgCenter’s Louisiana House Home and Landscape Resource Center.
LaHouse Team
Meet LaHouse Team
The original LaHouse development team.
Two LaHouse Designs
Through the talent, dedication and generosity of Remson-Haley Architects, Inc., Louisiana House now has two designs.
LaHouse is a new US DOE Building America Partner
LaHouse will have the benefit and notoriety of being a Dept. of Energy Building America (BA) Partner, receiving free technical assistance from not just one, but two renowned BA teams.
LaHouse on the Move
The third and final Louisiana House location, master site plan and house design were officially approved by the LSU Board of Supervisors in April 2002.
National and Local Experts Galore!
The LaHouse designs and plans are the culmination of an amazing collection of local and internationally recognized expertise – all offered gratis to the cause.
LaHouse to Showcase Best Landscape and Horticulture Practives
Since the inception of the idea for Louisiana House, landscape and horticulture features have been an integral part of the project.
Paula Manship is First Diamond Key Contributor
Paula Manship was honored with a ceremonial tree planting at the Louisiana House Site Premier for her generous contribution of $100,000 to support landscaping the six-acre Louisiana House Learning Center site on November 21, 2000. With this gift to the LSU Foundation for the LaHouse Project, Mrs. Manship became the first Louisiana House Diamond Key Contributor.
Alliance with the LSU Hurricane Center
The Louisiana House Learning Center and LSU Hurricane Center are cooperating to make sure the Louisiana House incorporates hazard-resistant features based on the best local research data available.
LSU Students help build LaHouse
LSU Students help build LaHouse
The construction of the LaHouse teaching center provided a unique learning and service opportunity for LSU construction management (CM) students.
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