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Find a Lead-Safe Certified Contractor
Lead Certified Renovator Training (RRP)
Contractors are required to maintain Lead-Safe certification for the EPA Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP). You play an important role in preventing lead poisoning!
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LaHouse Resource Center
A research-based showcase of solutions and educational programs to help you shape the future with homes that offer MORE benefits with LESS ....
My House Family
My House, My Home
Whenever you build, remodel or buy a home, you have the power of choice. Use this science-based guide to take control of your investment and enjoy a high-performance home that offers so much more than shelter and style alone.
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LaHouse Weekday and Sat. Open House Schedules
LaHouse is open to walk-in visitors Monday - Friday.
moldy home
Mold Control and Remediation Training
24-hour course provides information, building science insights and methods for safe and effective mold removal and control in buildings.
Leak testing HVAC system
HVAC for Home Performance workshop
As the energy-efficiency bar rises, the margin for error shrinks. Join this 3-day workshop to gain expertise in building science concepts that are key to prevent, diagnose and solve problems. You’ll learn best practice methods for HVAC design and crucial air sealing techniques to achieve the 2009 IRC energy code duct tightness provisions. This course also includes Duct and Envelope Tightness (DET) verifier training and certification.
Duct leakage test equipment
Duct and Envelope Testing (DET) Verifier certification class
This two-day course is designed to introduce the skills necessary to become a Southface Energy Institute certified Duct and Envelope Tightness (DET) Verifier qualified to perform the diagnostic testing required for new homes by the 2009 and 2012 residential energy codes. LaHouse Resource Center is an authorized provider of the Southface training, exam and certification.
Building Your High-Performance Home -- Gulf Region Homeowners Guide
This guide provides details on creating a home that keeps comfort affordable with high energy efficiency; is protected from mold, termites, storms, floods and other hazards; is healthy, safe and convenient for a lifetime; is a smart investment that pays dividends; and protects our environment for future generations. Cost: $15 plus tax and shipping. You can order this 88-page, spiral-bound book through our online store by using the Order Publication link below.
lead screening
You Can Prevent Lead Poisoning
Lead poisoning is very common. Millions of all ages are affected every year. What is lead and how is it used? Where is lead found? How can my child get lead poisoning? Why is lead poisoning so dangerous? Should my child be tested for lead? Find these answers and more in this free publication. (PDF format only)
Formosan Subterranean Temite Damage and Detection
Formosan Subterranean Termite Damage and Detection
Most people are aware of the damage fire and severe weather can do to their homes, but many overlook the threat of termites. Photos of termite damage and signs of termite infestation are included in this publication, which covers Formosan subterranean termites and other subterranean termites.
Disaster Information Resources
Family and Home Disaster Information Resources Series
These publications are designed to help Louisiana residents recover from floods, storms, extended power outages and other stressful and dangerous events.
mold remediation contractor
Hiring a Mold Remediation Contractor
Hiring a qualified contractor for mold remediation is not required but generally is safer and more effective than a "do-it-yourself" approach because of the use of specialized equipment. In either case, you should carefully follow safety precautions to reduce exposure to mold. This publication provides guidance on safe and effective mold remediation practices and how to select a qualified remediation professional. (PDF Format only)
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Claudette Hanks Reichel
LaHouse Team
The LaHouse operations staff, issue leaders, and the professional contractors and consultants involved in its design or construction.
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Gulf Region Healthy Homes Training Center
LaHouse is a Gulf Coast Region Healthy Homes Training Center -- a partnership with the National Healthy Homes Training Center that brings together public health and housing professionals to promote practical and cost-effective methods for making homes healthier.
Repairing Your Storm Damaged Roof
The most common wind damage from a storm is to roofing, leading to water damage. The good news is that today there are roofing products and methods that can withstand hurricane force winds.
training center
Online Training Center and list of GRHP Home Professionals
We offer online interative, video education on best building practices AND the Gulf Region High Peformance (GRHP) Home Professional designation to recognize professionals who have completed a core GRHP educational program and passed a test to verify knowledge.
Find High Performance Home Professionals
List of professionals who have earned the Gulf Region High Performance Home Professional designation.
House and Landscape Designers Selected
On Novermber 10, 2000, Remson-Haley Architects (RHA) has been selected to design the Louisiana House and produce a master plan for development of the six-acre site.
Avoiding Mold Hazards in Your Flooded Home
Steps to prevent mold growth after flooding, and mold clean-up guidelines for do-it-yourselfers.
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