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The LaHouse Landscape

The grounds surrounding the exhibit house include the following sustainable landscaping features:

  • native and hardy ornamentals, shrubs and trees for low-maintenace beauty in this climate;
  • wind resistant trees for hurricane hardy landscaping;
  • raised beds as an architectural and landscape feature at the front entry;
  • gravel buffer surrounding the house, instead of cellulose mulch or plants, to reduce termite and moisture risks;
  • mulch with natural, abundant pine staw -- a sustainable option;
  • site graded for water retention on site to reduce non-point source pollution;
  • a retention pond for site drainage, landscape feature anf for the geothermal heat pump heat exchanger;
  • rainwater harvesting from the roof directed to a rain garden (rear grounds) and cistern with first flush, filter, timer and moisture sensor controls (west side) that provides drip irrigation to the front flower beds;
  • porous paving of the garage driveway and porous gravel site parking and walking trails.

Visit the LSU AgCenter Botanical Garden (formerly Burden Center) to see and learn more about best practices in horticulture and sustainable landscaping.

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