LaHouse Team
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LaHouse Resource Center  

Mailing Address:
LaHouse Resource Center
2858 Gourrier Ave. 
Baton Rouge, LA 70820
Phone: 225-578-7913   Fax: 225-578-9228

LaHouse Director
Dr. Claudette Hanks Reichel, Professor and Extension Housing Specialist
Office: 225-578-2378 

 LaHouse Landscape Oversight
Dr. Jeffrey Beasley, Associate Professor

Administrative Coordinator
Kayleigh Altazan

LaHouse Development

House Design Team Leader
Dr. Claudette Reichel, Housing

Landscape Design Team Leader
Dr. Allen Owings, Horticulture

LaHouse Site Development
Dr. Rodney Hendrick, retired Callegari Envionmnetal Center
Interior Design Team Leader
Carroll Mathews, retired
LSU Interior Design

Partnership Development
Dr. Fran Lawrence,
Family Economics

Graphic Design
Kathy Kramer
Barbara Corns

Core Team Issue Leaders

Building Science
Dr. Claudette Hanks Reichel
Paul LaGrange
Glenn Ray
Bill Robinson

Interior Design
Diane Scimeca, retired
Jensen Killen

Integrated Pest Management
Dr. Dennis Ring, Entomology 
Dr. Alan Morgan, Entomology

Wood Products and Durability
Dr. Todd Shupe, Renewable Natural Resources, Wood Products Development Center

Disaster Resistance Education
Pat Skinner, Disaster Programs

Dr. David Bankston, Food Science (engineering)

Dr. Allen Owings
Dan Gill
Dr. Tom Koske, retired

Information Technology
Mike Carl, retired
Adam Woerner

Phone for all LSU AgCenter faculty: 225-578-4141

Design and Construction Professionals

Architect/Design Firm Remson-Haley Architects
Baton Rouge, La.
General Contractor Roy Domangue
Wooden Creations Inc.
Gonzales, La.
Landscape Architecture Team Dr. Neil Odenwald, Landscape Architect
Baton Rouge, La.
Dr. Tom Pope, Horticulture Consultant
Baton Rouge, La.
Interior Design Team Carroll Mathews
LSU Interior Design

LaMoyne Design Associates
Baton Rouge, La.

Diane Scimeca
D/S interiors, LLC
Baton Rouge, La.

Jensen Killen
LSU design student intern
Engineering Services
    Soil testing PSI Engineering
    Grading and drainage plan CSRS Inc.
Owen & White Engineering
    HVAC Wynn White Consulting Engineers
    Foundation Design Carubba Engineering

Building system integration

Building Science Corp.
(Dr. Joe Lstiburek, Betsy Petit, Armin Rudd)

Florida Solar Energy Center
(both via the U.S. Dept. of Energy Building America Program)

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